Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women hosting US Senate wannabees for a farewell lunch

I caught this interesting tidbit tonight.

Apparently, the Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women are hosting the entire group of US Senate wannabees at lunch later this week. I think we can refer to it – with a high level of confidence – as a farewell lunch.

Because in about 60 days, I think it’s a pretty sure bet that none of the three will be running.

8 thoughts on “Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women hosting US Senate wannabees for a farewell lunch”

  1. Who is running that group these days (I can’t keep the different groups straight)? Sutton? Barranco?

  2. The person who runs/writes for this website is the epitome of a biased, worthless “journalist” or “blogger” or whatever occupation such efforts may claim name under. It’s obvious the parroting choir encouraging such ignorance is irrelevant. Do you all think anyone cares what you has-beens think? Hahahaha it’s really quite hilarious to see the bitter immature has-beens spout rhetoric like they run politics in this state and can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Hahaha it’s encouraging to know how low the bar is set for SD and see how things can only get vastly better when it comes to the leadership and representation in this state. You know it’s time for the elected representation to go when they have die hard supporters who write such garbage. Ha! Good day, you has-beens!

    1. The sad thing is that it took them two days to come up with that.

      Yet, Mowry, Wahlen, and the other guy who no one remembers are still not going to get on the ballot.

  3. Everyone that is passionate enough to want to better our state deserves an opportunity to be heard. Afterall, we’re all about 90+% in agreement over politics. It was a great meeting and very well attended. We appreciated all three of them coming to the event.

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