Now, this is funny. Lora Hubbel explains it all, as she proclaims herself a member of Dave Roetman group.

In case you’ve forgotten, there’s an independent candidate running for Governor.  At least until April 26th, when she doesn’t have enough signatures to be on the ballot. But we can derive amusement from her until this point.

So the indy running for Governor is the ever amusing Lora Hubbel, and she has a new campaign video posted on Rumble. Predictably, it’s full of her crackpot conspiracies …and of course, she has all the evidence… but the opener had me laughing out loud:

“I belong to a couple of groups in Sioux Falls. One is Unmask the Truth, which I’m on the board of. And another one is Patriot Ripple Effect….”

Lora is a member of Patriot Ripple Effect? Of course she is.

And why is that funny?

Now, I know Lora hates me, probably because I’ve been pointing out her bad, her brain eating nanobots, and absolutely bat-guano nuttiness for years.

But as much as she hates me, she also has it out pretty strongly for former Minnehaha GOP Chair Dave Roetman:

Now Dave Roetman hasn’t been what you’d consider a GOP insider for quite a while, as he’s spending his time trying to take out the elected officials he and his new group don’t think are conservative enough.

The name of his new outfit that he’s one of the organizers of? The Patriot Ripple Effect.

Literally, Lora Hubbel is out there telling everyone that she’s joined the Dave Roetman club as she runs to be the crackpot candidate for Governor.

At least it’s good for a laugh.

15 thoughts on “Now, this is funny. Lora Hubbel explains it all, as she proclaims herself a member of Dave Roetman group.”

  1. I have had the fortunate ability to sit down and talk to Lora a few times to have respectful dialogue. While I do not agree with everythign she says or believes, I do respect her thoughts, opinions, and effort to help bring some form of accountability to South Dakota government. You do not have to always have to agree, but some of the thigns she talks about related to the Executive Orders are in fact true, while it is true as a State, the government did not directly shutdown businesses, but the ‘orders’ effectively transferred some power from the State to the local governments giving them greater ability to control businesses within the State.

    I would say most of my conversations with Lora are pretty positive in manner, and worthwhile discussions. I do not know what happened in Pierre that drove so many to hate her, or attack her, however, based on conversations I have had with her, she is very sincere.

    As for the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have my theories on how governments manipulated the disease to push thru new laws, codes, rules related to “commercial activity” across the several states, and this led me down a path to study some of the Public Health Laws in our state alone, and yes, the “State” did have the ability to force people to do this, or that IF they could prove you got sick, made someone else sick, let alone the authority to shutdown a business if it could be proven to many people got affected. So Lora is spot on there.

    As for the Hospitals across South Dakota, and the so called push to force Nurses, Doctors, Employees to get vaccinated, Lora again was spot on that they could NOT force you to get a vaccine/shot, however, as part of our conversation, I told her, be careful, cause much of that is centered around “Contracts” and how peole surrender some of their rights away as they sign the contract, yes, you have your Article 6, Section 2 Right to Enter into any contract you wish to, while you have the due process clause of protecting your rights from being terminated or not, however, one first lean how to protect their personal rights within that contract itself. IF you did not ‘reserve your rights’ as part of the contract and simpy signed it accecpting the employer’s terms, you are at their mercy.

    As for Lora runnign for governor, I hope she does – the more candidates the better. That is the right of the people to nominate, petition, and place whomever they wish on the ballot.

    Take away the Political Parties – and look at it from a standpoint of the Constitution itself – IF we place as many indviduals on the ballot, the people have more people to choose from. It is up to you to go out and win the support, convince people to support you, and gain their vote.

    Lost in all this hoopla between the two major parties, is the fact ‘WE” are the Free Republic where the people r ule, and the people get to place anyone on the ballot. We also should favor honest, clean, and professional elections where eveyrone respects each other despite your beliefs. Let the people decide and rightfully so.

    I hope to run one day for City Council or Legislature one day also. Just the fact to get out and meet people, talking to people, getting to know them, and wanting to serve, is what our calling should me, WIN or LOSE – ‘we’ all should do what Lora is doing. That is how we protect our “free republic”.

    Mike Zitterich
    Sioux Falls

    1. Because people in Pierre have known she’s a loon for years.

      Did you miss the story when she claimed Muslims were planning pre-jihad at the Sioux Falls airport? Unfortunately, I can give you so many more examples.

      Including when she claimed Vietnam was gods punishment on America for not helping Israel bomb Auschwitz. Never mind Israel didn’t exist during WWII.

      1. I agree, some of her comments are far-fetched, But I do not put them against her. I still believe ALL CITIZENS of South Dakota at one time or another must place themselves on the ballot at least once to get elected to either the Legislature, City Councils, or Governor, Mayors, Sheriffs, Judges, etc.

        I do not so much strongly believe in Political Parties as much as I believe in Individuals.

        I have defended the manner of which we govern our State for a long time now. Whether people are democrat or republican, or independent, I want the best possible candidate who will defend the S.D Constitution, the Statutes, the Regulations, and the Codes of which we have adopted, let alone present reasons why we should amend them, or change the manner of which we govern.

        I am a “Constitutionalist” first and foremost, I am also very much a Anti-Federalist which aligns myself with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Mason on several viewpoints, opinion, and political thoughts as it relates to our “Republic”.

        I have not attacked Governor Noem as much as Some have, I actually think Governor Noem has done a fairly good job of protecting our “Sovereignty” as a free and independent people.

        I also have expressed a desire to get more involved myself, either on the city council or legislature. I do not wish to make a career from it, but to truly represent the people.

        Some of have said my ideas, vision, and opinions are way out there as well, as a Anti Federalist, I come to expect the hatrid from the far left, especially since I aligned myself with many who want to restrict the Federal Govt in our lives, repeal several Amendments, let alone give the Legislature more power in holding the U.S Senate accountable.

        I never said I agree with all of Lora’s comments or beliefs, but I dont have to, no one does. But – what matters most is if that “individual” supports the interests of the State over the interests of the Federal Govt more than anything. As an Anti-Federalist, I am yet to find anyone in the Legislature that agrees with my thoughts.

        Representing the people as a statesmen, is more about putting the people first, beyond your own agenda, and that means managing the State in the best interest of the Majority.

        I will continue to DEFEND the State of South Dakota until I die, and for the most part I love how we “govern” the public properties, of the State. I would not live anywhere else.

        And yes, for the most part, I align myself the Republican Party, however, I have tons of indifference with the party on several key policy decisions.

        Mike Zitterich

    2. Mike, I first encountered an employer-mandated vaccine in the late 90s, when I went to work for Intensiva, which was later renamed Select Specialty Hospital. They required a rubella vaccination, but no other, which was curious.
      Blaming employer vaccine mandates on Obama before he was even elected to the Illinois State Senate is nuts.

      1. Exactly – in an At Will Employment state Employers CAN set policies pretty much as they see fit.
        I had to provide proof of vaccinations for Measles for a job I had in college where I would be around kids – and that was in the late 80’s.
        Vaccine requirements from private businesses go back to people being required to show off their smallpox vaccination scars in the early 1900’s. Unless somehow Obama had a time machine and could somehow enforce this kind of thing in 1904 – 50 years before he was born – that line of reasoning is just silly.

    3. Good luck on your election run, but “WIN or LOSE”, come on, use your logic that you’ve applied to other voting measures (amendment A) and count every non-voter as a vote for you. Furthermore, apply some type of electoral college map over South Dakota, this will turn quickly to a WIN-WIN for you, especially if you don’t need the “popular vote”. Just make sure to change the election laws in the state before you run and you will have this.

  2. Roetman & Cole Heisey (who are very close friends, by the way) have gone off the deep end. Maybe Lora can spare two tinfoil hats for her fellow Ripple Effecters?

    1. Do you want people who toe the party line, or do you want people who speak out in defense of the State Constitution?

      1. Not toeing the party line is a good thing. Arguing conspiracy theories on a regular basis to whoever will listen is not. You keep ignoring this and I’m starting to believe it is deliberate.

  3. She says the SD Republican Party bought her website and now it links to a porn site?

    She says there is a $100,000 fine for doing it but they did it anyway.
    I am trying to sort that one out.

  4. I have been listening to this, working my way through it. Claims that Noem “ordered” people over 65 or with immunodeficiency to stay home is a fantasy; that describes me and I wasn’t ordered to stay home. I had installed the Care19 app because it was interesting and if it had worked as she claims I would have been arrested.
    Then she claims the Care19 app pings you if you get too close to someone with Covid; no it didn’t. I received a call from a dental clinic advising me that I had been exposed there and I would be getting a call from the DOH. I never did. And my Care19 app never pinged, either. Ever.
    It actually doesn’t record visits to medical or dental facilities which is one of the more curious features of the app. This might be a health privacy issue which is odd because the most likely place to be exposed is wherever sick people gather. That feature of it probably made it useless for contact tracing purposes.

  5. I typed in and it goes to the Rick Astley music video, Never Gonna Give You Up. I guess she got Rickrolled. Lol

  6. I keep hearing the intro music to the X-Files whenever I read about Candidate Hubbel.

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