People who couldn’t get on GOP ballot attending the convention of misfit toys today at Constitution Party gathering.

The Robot Bee lady is getting ready to have her convention with the people who were not competent enough to make the ballot as Republicans this year, with people being added and shifted around on the Constitution Party roster for the convention being held at 3 PM today.

Unelectable goofball Lora Hubbel who ran, but didn’t even try to make the statewide ballot as a Republican is going to debate fellow unelectable goofball “Dr.” Terry Lee LaFleur who claims he didn’t make the GOP ballot for Governor because there was a plot against him.  The winner of these losers will be the Constitution Party candidate for Governor in November.

They’re joined on the ticket by G. Matt Johnson who announced as a Republican Candidate for Congress in a shopper paper about 2 1/2 weeks before the deadline to turn in petitions. Obviously, he didn’t make the ballot either.

Janette McIntyre, who failed to make one of the two House seats available in D34 House as a Republican is running for D34 Senate as a CP Candidate.

I’m also hearing they could be joined by someone else who finished a distant third in their race, but we’ll see if they’re foolish enough to be a Constitution Party candidate.

Why do I think they’re foolish? For starters:

The group lost ballot access after the 2010 election cycle, but regained recognition for the 2012 and 2014 elections. Two Constitution Partycandidates ran for statewide offices in 2014. Lori Stacey earned 3.97 percent of the vote in the race for South Dakota secretary of state and Wayne Schmidt earned 4.95 percent of the vote in the race for public utilities commissioner. The party’s 2014 gubernatorial candidateCurtis Strong, did not meet the required number of signatures to appear on the ballot.

Read that at Ballotpedia.  Not exactly anything to write home about. 4% and 5%.  Good luck with that.

This year, I suspect Lora Hubbel is going to be the victorious candidate for the goofball convention nomination and will find herself leading the ticket of misfit toys who couldn’t find electoral victory anywhere else.

We should see shortly who has decided to follow her lead. At the least, it should be entertaining.

11 Replies to “People who couldn’t get on GOP ballot attending the convention of misfit toys today at Constitution Party gathering.”

  1. Brian

    These guys are a joke!

    They have never won anything, don’t have any influence on any of the discussion..quite frankly what is the point?

  2. a friend of education

    I guess the point is that politics is a painful game that leaves some feeling unwanted & excluded. Fueled by resentment, angry folks waste a ton of time, money, & energy seeking revenge. Friends: life is short — don’t waste it! Get outside. Visit your kids. Hug your grand kids. Get on the lake & teach them to fish. Treat the family to ice cream. Don’t cash out your retirement chasing 3% of the vote. Don’t embarrass yourself; don’t tarnish the legacy you leave behind.

      1. a friend of education

        You can keep ramming your head into a brick wall or you can back off, take a break, gather your wits, and reconsider. 2018 is just one election. 2020 will get here sooner than you think. Sometimes you fish. Sometimes, you cut bait.

  3. enquirer

    it’s always amazing to see people intentionally participate in a power-seeking/power-sharing endeavor like politics, by intentionally disdaining the major parties holding power, and instead choosing to cloister themselves in a very exclusive small party that isn’t interested in gaining power.

    1. Brian

      I agree Enquirer. what is the point besides 15 minutes ( if that) of “fame” you might get your name int he newspaper and in an elections record, but what for…a lot of your own money, a lot of your time and , no real platform…..just a waste of time


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