Rep. Kaiser announces not running, plans on run for Brown Co. Sheriff

State Representative Dan Kaiser just made a surprise announcement that he will not be a candidate for State Representative in 2018, but will instead be running for Brown County Sheriff:

Current District three representative and Aberdeen Police officer Dan Kaiser has officially announced his candidacy for Brown County Sheriff in 2018.  He will run as a Republican.

Kaiser made the announcement on Dakota Broadcasting’s “In Touch” program and explained why he is running for sheriff…


Kaiser says win or lose the job as sheriff he will not seek re-election to the state house of representatives.  Kaiser has served three terms representing district three but says he wants to stay at home to spend more time with his family.

Read (and listen) to it all here.

16 Replies to “Rep. Kaiser announces not running, plans on run for Brown Co. Sheriff”

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Anon 10:52 I’ll answer for my old friend because I think I get it too. America has swallowed the “Feelings matter more than Facts” poison pill but Trump and a number of Conservative States are trying to get “Her” to puke it out. If “WE” fail the only Law Enforcement elected by the People will be our only block on the touchy feely slimy Liberal puke bags Agenda pushing into the Heartland.

  2. Anonymous

    Being a county sheriff is a lot of responsibility, a leader in your county and putting yourself in harm’s way each day.

    Thank you to all the men and women of law enforcement for all that they do each day for us.

    Could be an interesting race…Sheriff Milbrant has been there a long time.


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