Tapio for US House Video posted on You Tube

Looks like an announcement is imminent:

(A reader was noting that this version of the video does not yet have a disclaimer.)  What caught my attention is that in addition to being a bio piece, it takes a shot at his likely Republican opponents, Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs:

It looks like the fights are going to start early this year.

79 thoughts on “Tapio for US House Video posted on You Tube”

  1. Greatly dislike the ad. Dislike that he’s running on Trump’s coattails. Dislike the attacks on Dusty & Shantel. Dislike the arrogance.

    1. I agree. Poor quality and poor taste.

      Why is he attacking Dusty and Shantel?

      His bio says he worked for Pressler that’s pre ’96, was Larry diedrich’s campaign manager, that was 2002 and 2004, I’m pretty sure he helped Curd run for congress against Noem, and he also ran for Senate and assisted Trump. Oh wait he ran for US Senate in 2004 also against Daschle. He’s a political gadfly. Ask anyone in Sioux Falls. He is a political hack.

      He hasn’t even passed a bill in Pierre.

      He’s been involved in SD politics longer than Dusty and Shantel.

      Dusty and Shantel will easily win.

      1. SF Young Rep 2004, really, are you really? Why should we believe you? If you put your name, we could probably easily verify that. You won’t though, and I don’t blame you.

        I”m from Sioux Falls and I don’t think he’s a political hack.

        I think the ad is pointing out Dusty and Shantel are career politicians. Is that a lie?

        You clearly don’t think Tapio is a politician, so you agree with the ad then.

        1. Johnson served as an elected official for 6 years. Not exactly a lifetime. He has worked in government most of his adult life but that doesn’t make him a career politician.

          Krebs served as a part time legislator for 5 terms earning the same $6k that Tapio does now. Pretty hard to make a career of that. Now she’s been Secretary of State for 3 years. Not exactly a career.

          Tapio will get third place behind Krebs and Johnson. It will be pretty humiliating.

          1. How long does one have to be at job for them to be allowed to call it a career?

            If I work at McD’s for 2yrs and get promoted to manager and work for 3 more years, could I call that my career? Many people do.

            How about a homemaker? Do they have a career?

            1. I think that might be a career because it is your primary focus or income. I don’t know that short stints or part time employment have ever counted as a career.

  2. That’s my President.

    It’d be wonderful to have Trump come to SoDak. Watched his statement from Camp David, I have a feeling we’ll see him support Tapio.

    Go get ’em Tapio.

    1. KM, Trump is my President too. But Tapio is NOT my Congressman. Nothing in that ad impresses me — and actually it’s just a big turn-off.

    2. Trump won’t come here – no Trump golf courses.

      We will probably get to see Sloppy Steve and his jiggly gin blossom, though. Tapio seems to be Bannon’s kind of people: afraid and gullible.

          1. Ha, good one! Wouldn’t it be something if the teacher of J school students did a case study on you too. They won’t. You are just like the teacher, you think I’m: “uneducated” and full of “right-wing nonsense”. Why would they call you out? You help the agenda…well you try.

            You know those migrant workers are undocumented…how much truth was in that statement you made? 0%.

            Put you name. Are you afraid? So, remind me, who’s afraid again.

            I know the risks. I won’t do it and I trust PPowers won’t dox me.

            1. What? From “J School” to “uneducated” to “agenda” to “0%”, then on to “afraid” and “risks” and “dox”. I think you should take a moment, organize your thoughts, and pop a Xanax. Clearly this day has been a bit much for you.

              1. I know, I know, it’s difficult for you to follow along.

                Again…who’s afraid?
                Why won’t you answer?

                You call other people afraid and they have names. You, not so much.

                1. Again, what? I have a name, I just won’t share it with you, as you won’t with me. Neither of us is running for anything, right? If I were, I’d give my name. Only makes sense. But as it stands, you’re just some clown on a blog. I don’t really give a sh!t who you are. Doesn’t make Mr. Tapio any more palatable either way.

                  For whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry all those brown refugees took your job. I’m sorry that they stole your things and raped your children. I’m sorry that they burned down your house and caused you to appear in front of a Sharia Court for adultery. I really am. You can come to my house (I have a really nice guest room with its own private bath), and I’ll help you get back on your feet.

                  1. You won’t put your name because you’re afraid. Shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.Calling people afraid, but you’re scared to put your name, isn’t that a hypocrite?

                    Maybe people would boycott your business if they found out who you are?

                    Why you got to call names and promote drug use? You’re a bully. And, you change the narrative when then one presented isn’t going your way.

                    I’d prefer you take in those nice refugees you talk about. We’re doing just fine, don’t need you or the state to take care of us. We got jobs!!

            2. I am pretty good at predictions. I just knew Trump was going to win the Presidency the day he announced. After seeing this fb add and researching Tapio, he’s going to sweep this primary, hands down. Done deal.

      1. His hatred of Krebs and Johnson and his entitled attitude told me all I needed to know.

        1. Has nothing to do with hatred, it has to do with policy and being a Champion for the people.

          1. Exactly, and it’s only a matter of time before we see other candidates start coming out with “attack ads”.

            You think Noem’s not going to call out Jackley? Or Shantel’s not going to dog on Dusty. I don’t think Dusty will, he’s too nice. At least that’s my impression.

  3. I believe the lady doth protest too much. “I’m not a politician” – Elected State Senator Neil Tapio

  4. Polarizing.

    There’s a segment of the GOP Primary electorate that will despise this, and there’s a segment of the GOP Primary electorate that will love this. It looks like Neal is going to give us an opportunity to find out which segment is larger.

    1. I doubt it since he will probably become an irrelevant candidate talking about internment camps.

      He will get less than 15% of the vote.

        1. Being a “Trump guy” doesn’t mean you can’t be a career politician. Tapio has been involved in politics longer than Krebs and Johnson.

  5. Reminds me of a one trick pony.

    Shantel has her looks, Tapio has some Trump audio, and Johnson has his brain.

    Decisions, decisions.

    1. “Shantel has her looks, Tapio has some Trump audio, and Johnson has his brain.”

      Agree. One dimensional candidates.

    1. He’s not one of two. He’s one of one. He serves in the Senate.

      One might consider this a bold move if (1) he had a snowballs chance in hell of winning, and (2) if he had any type of track record of accomplishment in the Senate. As it is, he commands little respect and has not passed a single bill.

      This isn’t bold. The reality is it’s a chickenshit’s way of exiting from the state Senate when you know you’re not accomplishing anything with your time.

      1. Who else hasn’t passed any bills? Can you list them for us too? They shouldn’t be in Pierre if they’re not going to pass any bills, that’s what you’re saying, right?

        1. Dude, he didn’t pass any bills because he didn’t introduce any. Not one. What the hell is he doing there? What a waste of a seat.

          1. Dude, you got a source for that ? That’s not really how I vote for someone. Again, who else hasn’t passed any bills? Will you help out and list their names too? Nope, you won’t.

            Trump never introduces any bills and he won the election, what’s that tell you?

            1. Just look it up on LRC website, the record shows no action with regard to introduction of bills by Mr Tapio.

              1. Post a link. I don’t care if he’s introduced any bills or not. All that I was asking for was proof to statements. Lots of liars that come around. I wonder if Tapio casts votes, does the LRC tell us that? Oh look, he does and votes for Americans First. That’s what I want.

                There’s a lot of politicians with records of “no action” in Pierre. I think we should call them all out. What do you think? I’ll research the Dems and you do the Reps. Deal;)

          1. Source? You’ve got to have a source for that one.

            If you’re right, great. I just keep seeing a bunch of thoughts. Nothing with any facts or substance.

            1. He certainly could’ve introduced legislation to reduce government’s burden, but he didn’t. His record is clear.
              Tapio is a total follower, we need leadership.

              1. And you are a leader? Leaders are brave. Are you brave? You won’t put your name, that’s not very brave.

                GOP4Real…sure you are.

      2. Sorry buddy, he’s going to win. People are sick of swamp politicians. Bring in the fresh air and sunshine.

  6. I had the misfortune of recently being in a meeting where Tapio was present. Every time he spoke, people’s eyes rolled and they totally ignored him. The only person Tapio impresses is himself. He is definately a non-starter in this or any other race.

    1. That was rude, must have been the Dems rolling their eyes. They have a reputation of turning off their ability to compromise and be open to ideas when they’re not the ones presenting and then demanding what should be done. Those free-thinkers, I tell ya.

      Wow, the swamp is thick today.


    2. I checked out his speeches, they weren’t rolling their eyes, they were clapping.

  7. So he comes out swinging. We need a fighter. Neal is representative of the populism and antiestablishmentism that put Trump in office.

  8. Darn, already doesn’t work….

    I didn’t see it…can someone describe it for me FAIRLY? Thank you.

      1. Tapio is probably the most intelligent fellow in the field. The competition is playing checkers while he plays chess. He has a personal fortune, Trump campaign on a string and will take the state by storm. The detest of the establishment is palpable. Tapio is a once in a lifetime candidate.

        Roll Tide.

  9. Last I checked, the term career politician refers to someone with significant history earning their primary living wage from a public budget line item. By that basis, Dusty and Shantel are both career politicos and Neal Tapio is a politically interested entrepreneur and citizen legislator apparently interested in going to Washington.

    Hope this helps.

  10. When Tapio first said that he was my old seatmate, Larry Diedrich’s campaign manager, I called Larry and poked him. His response:”who?” First anonymous campaign manager, to the candidate, in South Dakota history.

  11. Why would Neal launch this way? A plain reading of the bios shows Neal has been involved in campaigns longer than Shantel or Dusty. Neal’s current experience on his FB page is “Trump and the Great America” and Neal is a sitting state senator, and Dusty is not. And I would not call a partial term as Sec of State and four years in the State Senate a “career politician”. And right now Shantel has ONE political job and Neal is on TWO political payrolls (State senator and Trump campaign) and Dusty is in the private sector. Neal cannot win with this kind of nonsensical strategy.

  12. Psssst.

    “Neal Tapio Cannot Win and is more politically connected than the Krebs–Dusty Johnson political establishment, pass it on.”

    Predictable. Untenable. Malarkey.

    1. Awww, did I hurt your feelings? Did I insult you? Shhh, it’s okay, here I’ve got a bottle for you to suck on.

      Tolerance, no exceptions. Better brush up on that one.

  13. Ike – Did you say this?… “I think you should take a moment, organize your thoughts, and pop a Xanax.”

    Promoting drug use, you can’t even recognize what you say.

    Why you got to call names? Want me to go back and find all the “hate” speech you throw at me, a woman? You’re mean, and the first signs of a bully is name-calling.

    1. You can legally get Xanax. It’s a mild tranquilizer for when you get a little over-excited – as you appear to be.

  14. from where i sit, mr tapio looks like the dime-a-dozen political opportunist, while every day dusty continues to inspire the holy heck out of me and make me want him in washington. the attitude every johnny-come-lately puts out when they grace us with their availability really galls me sometimes.

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