The District 14 Zellmer/Zikmund race was expected to be close, but ended up nearly 500 votes apart

The race between David Zellmer and Larry Zikmund was expected to be one of the marquess races Tuesday Night (Into Wednesday night with Minnehaha County election counting). But it wasn’t. In fact, while Zellmer had a good showing, there was a nearly 500 vote gap he couldn’t close which surprised many.

It was anticipated that this race might drive strong turnout in the southern part of town to bolster Alex Jensen’s vote totals.. but it wasn’t much more than you’d see in other races.

It’s not as if both candidates didn’t campaign – they both made strong efforts.  They both sent postcards, had signs all over the place, touted endorsements, and did everything that candidates could do campaigning in this weird environment.

But with the inability of candidates to go door to door, I’m guessing it came down to familiarity, and in this arena Zikmund had the edge, having been in front of voters three times before.

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  1. Darrin T.

    Zellmer is a good person. However, Zikmund is as well and has done an excellent job in Pierre and is well respected. Sometimes, there is no need to unseat someone who does excellent work. The people spoke clearly in this race.

  2. Jim Bolin State Senator - Canton

    Just a few brief comments on the race to be the last name called by the Senate Secretary when the Senate votes. Larry carried all ten precincts in the district with his highest percentage being 68% in Precinct 2-9 and his lowest being 53% in Precinct 2- 6. Mr. Zikmund is a work horse legislator who emphasizes veteran’s and work force issues. He has an admirable record of accomplishment during his six years in Pierre and the public backed him strongly despite all the high profile endorsements that his opponent was able to gather. His victory on Tuesday is evidence that sticking to the basics and doing your job in the legislature will help you win when challenged. If Rep. Zikmund will follow the same path in the fall campaign, he should have a good chance to win the general election in a pretty balanced district. By the way, Mr. Zikmund has been before the voters now nine times not three times, having had a primary in 2012, 14, 16, 18 and now in 2020. He narrowly lost in the general election in 2012 so he is eight of nine in winning elections in Southeastern Sioux Falls in this decade. I was privileged to help with his campaign these last two months for which I received no pay.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats to Larry. He is a legislator who works hard, listens, and does what is best for the state.


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