Well, that would be a change of pace. SF City Councilor Theresa Stehly announces re-election, claims will run “positive” campaign

In a shift of gears from how she’s acted over the past few years on the Sioux Falls City Council, Theresa Stehly announced her re-election today, claiming she was going to run a “positive” race:

At-large City Councilor Theresa Stehly, 61, formally announced her intention to seek reelection in an email to the Argus Leader Wednesday afternoon, saying Sioux Falls citizens need a watchdog behind the council dais protecting them from the establishment status quo.

“I will be running a positive, grassroots campaign, continuing my emphasis on citizen advocacy and focusing on the issues,” she said in a statement.

Read it all here.

I mean, wasn’t it a few weeks back she was attacking a private citizen from her perch and demanding the censorship of an article about him because he dared to show a preference for someone else?  Or the whole “whispering whispering WHISPERING” incident before that?  Or the “Theresa blocks voters on Facebook” thing before that?

And that’s just been since December.

“Positive” from Theresa Stehly – literally the biggest force of chaos and negativity on the Sioux Falls City Council  – might be a pleasant change of pace.

Although I think even the voters have more of a memory than she might be betting on.

18 Replies to “Well, that would be a change of pace. SF City Councilor Theresa Stehly announces re-election, claims will run “positive” campaign”

  1. Anonymous

    I have seen a poll she did. She decided to run because she is polling far in front of Jensen. He will need to spend a lot of money in this race.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Theresa did a poll? Because those actually cost money.

      I doubt she conducted anything resembling real polling.

    2. Bruce

      A poll, by Theresa? LOL. Just like other things said here and other places, Theresa has never done a poll in all the years she has been a citizen activist.
      If she did one, it would have been quick as she asked herself “Should I run or should I not?”
      Show us the poll you say you have seen.

  2. Sioux Falls Voter

    Stehly will become the FIRST incumbent city council person under the 1994 city charter to loose their reelection.

  3. Tired of Stehly

    I was bullied by Theresa Stehly, and had my motives/morals questioned by her. This will be my first city election, and I may even offer to go door to door for Alex Jenson. I hope everyone will speak out!!

  4. ymous

    My opinion is she should be nowhere near public service. Spend 5 minutes with her and you’ll understand why. The way she challenges peoples integrity and motives just because they disagree is repulsive. The way she treated that city employee and continues to is a law suit waiting to happen. She is impulsive and belligerent to those that just see things different. She has made the council inefficient and combative. Her bullying one minute and the victim the next doesn’t set a good example. I was hoping she would quietly retire. The reason Alex raised a lot of money is because she has bed a poor example of leadership in Sioux Falls.

    1. Anonymous

      The choice is not obvious. I do feel she is trying to do the right thing but, she can get out of control, bully people, takes things too far, talks without facts. I would think a Never Trumper like you would appreciate the irony that you are supporting a candidate that has MANY Trump tendencies such a the scorchered earth approach. Her list of blow ups are long and well documented but, she is a better choice than another Rubber Stamper

      1. The Guy from Guernsey

        Anonymous, 10:36 a.m.
        “… she is a better choice …”
        So, you too do not place any trust to Jensen’s statement in his campaign video in which he says, “I will not be a ‘Yes Man’. ” ?

        1. Anonymous

          No I don’t place any faith in his statements due to the following:
          – Amount of Cash being thrown behind him and who its from, In a part time city election to boot
          – Seems strange we have not heard squat from him until his recent video and only a few months away from the election. It appears he is a Yes Man, hand picked by the establishment

          Truth be told I have grown tired of Teresa’s antics and dramatization of everything. I have engaged her a few times on and she went after my views pretty hard to the point I did not return a VM from her as it was just not worth arguing about. Sad thing the topic was so benign I can’t imagine how she goes after someone on something that is a larger issue. It’s really too bad because the current City Council and the previous one has spent way too much public money on stuff we don’t need. My roads don’t get plowed and streets dont get fixed fast enough. My water bill is THROUGH the roof at about $100 bucks each month and it’s now my 2nd highest utility. I don’t believe we need to sudbize Premier Centers, Aquatic Centers, Parking Ramps, State theater, Pavillion, Zoo, etc. Entertainment is not what I want my tax dollars going to. I want lower taxes, infrastructure we all use, more police, more crime prevention, investigation, and arrests of criminals. We all benefit from these things. Sorry for the rant but, its getting old. The last 2 administrations look like Enron accountants took over,gggeeeesshh

          1. anon

            i threw money behind anyone but stehly

            People that complain about raising too much money are generally those that can’t or are jealous

            1. Anonymous

              While I understand this and I will vote for her. She is not a shoe in due to some of the antics she has pulled. Sometimes perception is reality and it’s hard to ignore. I think she may lose because folks are lining up to get rid of her. Kermit Staggers always went against the status quo but, he never elicited the kind of animosity Teresa has. She unfortunately has done this to herself but, yes I am going to vote for her. I am not a Democrat or some Never Trumper who will hold my nose and vote against someone just because I don’t like their style and ignore someone who is better for us. I just believe there could be enough people out there who will vote on her approach alone.


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