And the silly post-election residency challenges die with a whimper.

From Bob Mercer at KELOland it appears that, despite writing strongly worded letters to accompany the insufficient allegations, and at times using fake organizations to present evidence, the post-election residency challenges raised against Peri Pourier and Red Dawn Foster have disappeared with less than a puff of smoke to mark that they ever happened:

Jensen and Frye-Mueller had filed paperwork during the weekend, questioning whether Sen. Red Dawn Foster and Rep. Peri Pourier had lived the past two years in their legislative district as the South Dakota Constitution requires.


Frye-Mueller said she didn’t bring up the issue in the House because Governor Kristi Noem would be delivering her first State of the State speech to a joint gathering of senators and representatives.

“Her message was more important at this time and I did not want to distract from that message,” Frye-Mueller said.

Take a moment to waste your time reading it here.

Was this the same Julie Frye-Mueller who declared less than a week ago

The last thing any of us want to do at the beginning of session is to deal with this type of scandal; however, first of all, it is our Constitutional duty.”

Apparently, it wasn’t as much of a “Constitutional Duty” as she originally thought.

Now that we know she only needs the threat of being a distraction to stand down, I’m sure opponents of Frye-Mueller can just wield laser pointers to distract her from any other imagined duties.


7 Replies to “And the silly post-election residency challenges die with a whimper.”

  1. Tara Volesky

    Nothing wrong with a good challenge. I don’t think Julie would be wasting her time on frivolous matters. Even the great Bob Mercer has been reporting on these allegations. Let the courts decide.

    1. Anonymous

      Tara, what do you mean, “let the courts decide?”
      Julie sent a letter to the state Supreme Court respectfully asking them to stay out of it. She says it’s a legislative, not a judicial, matter.

      You need to get on the same page.

  2. Anonymous

    Any proof yet that the two actually did live there two years? Apparently there are sworn affidavits by former Dem. Senator Bradford, plus Dem. candidate Ross, that the two shouldn’t have been eligible to run. I know Jim Bradford, and I know that he wouldn’t stick his nose into this against a winning Dem, unless he knew for sure that he was correct. Funny how the GOP leadership went whole hog after GOP Bosworth and after that guy who wanted to be State party Chairman a few years ago (he was military, I can’t think of his name) over technicalities, yet want to sweep these apparent improprieties by Dems under the rug ?!

  3. Troy Jones

    Tara says: “I was thinking of the Circuit Court. I think that is their role. Let them make the determination.”

    Why do you so often always say uninformed, ignorant stuff with absolutely no curiosity if they have any connection to the truth?

    You give credence to Frye-Mueller yet you don’t even read the base documents of her assertion- it is the Constitutional duty of the LEGISLATURE to make the determination.

  4. Tara Volesky

    Sorry Troy, I am not a Lawyer and I am not as smart as you. My only concern is it needs to be addressed, what ever correct avenue that may be. To bad you call my questioning and curiosity uniformed and ignorant. Well Troy I am not concerned with name calling and being disrespectful. My only concern are the facts.


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