Apparently the media is getting a little aggressive with their opinions.

From the Argus Leader, apparently the media is getting a little more aggressive in town:

A woman was arrested after she smashed a beer bottle over a man’s head because of a political disagreement, police say.

Kamie Jo Roesler, 28, from Columbia, S.C., was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, police spokesman Sam Clemens said. Roesler is a former KSFY-TV news anchor who now works for WIS-TV in Columbia.

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15 thoughts on “Apparently the media is getting a little aggressive with their opinions.”

  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman told that Kamala Harris stinks and RBG will get replaced by a Textualist!

  2. 1100 block of North Prairie? That’s a fine area indeed. Beer bottles to the head are common up there.

    1. And at 4:30 on a Sunday to be intoxicated as not being intoxicated and hit someone with a bottle belies another problem.

  3. She’s lucky the bottle broke. She could have fractured his skull if it didn’t. Television and reality are different.

  4. We here in S.C. could not find Kamie’s politician affiliation. Her name “disappeared” from WIS-TV, an NBC affiliate… So, my response instantly was IF she had been a Trump supporter, it would have made national “news” in a big way…. once again… bias reporting.

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