Argus noting resignation demand coming from Rep. Goodwin.

From the Argus Leader, an update on their story of a resignation demand coming from the House of Representatives for Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg:

House Majority Whip Tim Goodwin, R-Rapid City, told his constituents over the weekend in a letter that lawmakers could force Jason Ravnsborg out of office through impeachment if he does not resign, which is what the representative is calling for.

While acknowledging the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, Goodwin said Ravnsborg should spare the state more controversy and uncertainty surrounding the attorney general’s office by relinquishing his position.

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14 thoughts on “Argus noting resignation demand coming from Rep. Goodwin.”

  1. When Janklow killed someone, he resigned. It should probably be the standard for when a SD elected official kills someone, they should resign. We could face a shortage of good party members if they all have to resign each time they kill someone though. so who knows.

    1. You apparently do not remember so well. When Bill Janklow was CONVICTED of a FELONY he resigned. I believe he was required to. In this case, the person who is charged is charged with some driving violations. None of these violations are felonies. At least one of the charges had nothing to do with the case. If everyone was forced to resign every time they were charged with a traffic violation, nobody would have a job.

      1. Pretty comfortable in saying darn near everyone would still have jobs if we forced everyone whose traffic violations killed someone to resign.

  2. Thank you, Tim.
    Jason is not a bad guy but something bad happened and out of respect for the position and South Dakotans he should resign. Like Tim said, spare the state the controversy and uncertainty.

  3. This seems like a feeble attempt by Rep. Goodwin to get his 15 minutes of fame when he should be concentrating on legislative issues. When Ravnsborg ran for AG at convention, I don’t believe Rep. Goodwin supported him at that time (that was a few years ago and my memory isn’t the greatest so)…..

    Nevertheless, this all needs to play out in the court system before we jump to any conclusions. If he’s convicted of these misdemeanors, I don’t believe he should be “required” to resign since they are, unfortunately, only misdemeanors. Yet, this whole tragic event shows his lack of judgment casting a shadow on the rest of his time in office. That said, being the state’s top prosecutor, it might be wise to step down following the outcome of a potential trial or face the consequences of a real ugly fight at the Republican Convention, or worse yet, at the general election where a semi-strong Democrat could win. Just sayin….

  4. While I firmly and wholeheartedly believe in innocence until proven guilty, I do think that Ravnsborg should resign. His remaining in office will continue to be a distraction and provide much fodder for Democrats going into 2022. I say this as someone who like Ravnsborg and strongly supported him during the convention and general election.

    1. Sure you did.

      Ravnsborg should not resign. Though he should be prepared to come out and state that he will not be seeking reelection.

      1. This seems like the wise choice, allowing some of the other AG candidates to begin (if they already haven’t) their campaign efforts. Bottom line, last GOP convention was nearly a bloodbath when it came to the AG selection. By coming out (after the potential trial) and stating that he will not resign and will NOT seek reelection, buys a little time. As far as impeachment is concerned, I don’t think the House has a leg to stand on unless Ravnsborg is convicted. Right now it seems like political posturing with no direction as of yet. Typical for some in Pierre.

  5. Goodwin has little credibility…talk to him for 10 minutes and you get 3 different answers to any position. He is everyone’s friend, very nice but on all sides of every issue.

  6. Charged with misdemeanors, convicted of nothing, and calls to resign from people who say they believe in innocent until proven guilty and everyone gets their day in courts, etc. Anonymous. Give me a break. You don’t support Ravnsberg. I get it. Just be honest. Of course with your low standard for calls to resign, your own dishonesty disqualifies you from office too.

    BTW: until there is a trial and one can hear evidence in context and after rebuttal, I am reserving all judgement except all parties deserve justice in a real court and not the kangaroo court of blathering people with agendas.

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