Democrats amend reports… and it’s not clear if they even know how much money they have.

If you recall the SDDP’s FEC report covering the month of September 1-30 that they filed in the month of October, it painted the most dismal finance picture to date for the South Dakota Democrat party:

$27k raised, $34k spent, $-8.6k cash on hand, about $47k in outstanding debt. These financial figures brought down both the chair Paula Hawks and the executive Director Stacey Burnette.

But, fast forward to this week, where Democrats are amending a number of reports for the past several months, and it paints a much different picture:

With the newly filed reports this week, we’ve gone from starting with a negative $1726, to a positive $39K, ultimately leaving them with about $34k cash on hand, but still with nearly 47k of debt.

So did their Chair and ED actually abandon ship, and shut down their offices over nothing? Well, maybe not. Because by all indications, it sounds like their finances are still a mess.

I’m hearing reports that regarding the $5845 they still claim on the unpaid debts and obligations portion of the report to the Sioux Falls Convention Center, someone looked into that. And supposedly, I’m told it may have been paid within a couple of months.  And if true, the records are such a mess that Dems don’t know what they’ve paid.

And, there may be bills that have been accrued since (such as for a big Dem meeting in Oacoma) that I’ve heard are still lingering out there unpaid after months. (Which could be attributable to the state report, so it’s possible it might not be reflected on the federal report).

It may take some additional tracking after the series of updated FEC reports this week to figure out where they picked up an extra 35K that has appeared in the last month.  But given what we’ve seen to date… I’m not sure how much we can bank on any reports from state democrats to be accurate.

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  1. Dohn Jale

    It’s no surprise the SDDP is in an induced coma but rest assured whatever the bill is for medical care it is being paid. Winter is coming. SDGOP is not immune to the eventual frostbite.

    1. Pondering

      There there. All you need to do is get a few thousand signatures to resurrect the Constitution party.

      But that would require, you know, work


    Actually, if you look at the most recent (November) monthly report, the SDDP is beginning to turn the ship around. It has 40000 in the bank, 47000 still in debt, but the November Report shows 29000 in receipts and roughly 22000 in monthly expenses. So in an other month, the SDDP should have enough to pay off the 47000 and meet their monthly expenses.

    There are still the potential FECfines, but since Trump has prevented a quorum for the FEC, that issue has been put on hold and with a future positive monthly cash flow of roughly 7000, then the SDDP should be able to handle it, whenever Trump gets his act together, that is.

      1. HEMP. WE'RE NOT ON IT.

        Yah, it’s kinda like when Republicans in this state claim state balanced budgets with the help of federal dollars.


      It looks to me that the DNC is 1.7 million ahead. With up to 24 candidates running for president right now, Democratic money is going in other directions. It will rebound.

      Plus, Trump needs all of that money, if he is ever going to rebound from his current 10 point deficits in most Great Lakes states…I guess, some have the money, while others have the votes.