District 30 Legislator’s spouse charged with simple assault after crackerbarrel run-in with agent provocateur sticking camera in his face.

Following up to the story from a couple weeks back, State Representative Trish Ladner’s husband was charged with simple assault after fending off agent provocateur Matthew Monfore whom he said was sticking a camera in his face, which Ladner felt was an act against his person:

Yenulonis is the Custer County Sheriff’s Deputy who took the initial report.

Big takeaway from the article is that Monfore was sticking a camera in Ladner’s face, and Ladner claims he slapped at it, and it hit the ground.   Ladner has been charged with simple assault (Class 1 misdemeanor), or alternatively, disorderly conduct (Class 2 misdemeanor).

Could they get a conviction for someone feeling they needed to defend themselves for having a camera stuck in their face in Custer County? We’ll see.

You’ll have to chase down a hard copy of the Hill City Prevailer to read the entire article.


48 thoughts on “District 30 Legislator’s spouse charged with simple assault after crackerbarrel run-in with agent provocateur sticking camera in his face.”

  1. One would think by the way this is written that Ladner is the victim here. Yet law enforcement didn’t bring charges against the victim. Stop victim blaming.

    1. I used the term agent provocateur for a reason.

      You don’t go down to the Rez and claim they are a bunch of demon worshipers if you aren’t trying to get a reaction.


      Similarly, Montfort goes to political rallies and distributes inflammatory flyers, and get in peoples faces with cameras ..and now claims victimhood when someone reacted negatively?

      Calling it victim blaming is laughable. He’s an active participant trying to get a reaction.

      1. *Monfore

        Inflammatory is a subjective term. Some people don’t like the truth. Some people, if they cannot control their anger, should have no place in politics. Sounds like Ladner’s husband isn’t fit for SD politics.

            1. By pointing out their illogic? No. Guess I’m not a backstreet boy picking fights, either.

              1. making inflammatory comments by using the word dense in your attempted insult is KINDA goading. I mean, only by definition that is.

        1. Reacting negatively is in conversation not in physical assault, as has been charged. He’s guilty. Hope he gets jail time.

  2. I think we should all pack our bags and some popcorn and head to District 30. Seems like they have it going on out there!!

  3. Montfort does this move where he gets into people’s faces and then pushes a camera in between to get a rise out of the person he is harassing. I have seen him do it at 2 different political events. It’s surprising that he hasn’t been punched by the people he approaches. He’s a skinny little twerp that wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight but he tries very hard to get his ass kicked. Maybe that’s the best thing that could happen to him.

    1. “He’s a skinny little twerp that wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight but he tries very hard to get his ass kicked. Maybe that’s the best thing that could happen to him.”

      This sounds like herr shorty heidelberger.

          1. And herr shorty heidelberger was fired from his teaching job for let’s just say unconventional disciplinary methods.

        1. And unlike this blog, Cory the shorty has single handedly destroyed the Brown County Democratic Party. And then he left Aberdeen and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, after the damage was done (ya I know he had to leave to in order to be financed by the gravy train called Erin).

  4. Matthew Monfore reminds me of one of the clueless characters smited by an Angel from the TV Series Supernatural.

  5. Monfore is a creep. I wish he would have punched. He needs to go. He is the problem.

  6. I’ve known Bob my entire life. He is one of the kindest and caring people I know so this guy must have really pushed into Bob’s safety zone for anything combative to have occurred coming back from him.
    These damn pictures and videos from every camera and cell phone are truly ruining life as we used to know it.

  7. Matt and everyone in his crew are what I like to call “professional victims.” They put themselves in sticky situations just to cry about the result of their own stupidity.

  8. What is it about District 30 that attracts so many mixed nuts? Word on the street is Colonel Walter E. Kurtz retired there after the war. He is the uncle of grudznick’s close personal friend Lar.

    1. Mr. Kurtz (COL, Ret.), the elder, did indeed retire just outside Hot Springs, not that far from where my good friend Bob now resides, up until they sent the errand boys to collect his bill.

  9. Matthew Monfore is a Christian pastor as well as a Conservative Patriot. There were witnesses to the incident with Bobby. At least one witness said Matthew was simply telling people goodbye as they left the room, He told the Ladners goodbye and Bobby came over and said “I am not your friend” and slapped Matthew, knocking off his glasses. The Ladners then left in a hurry while Matthew called the authorities.
    Matthew is a resident of District 30.
    It is getting to the point where everyone should be recording every conversation and incident for proof of what goes on.

      1. Who people marry is none of the governments concern as long as both people give informed consent. Small. Government.

    1. So true that everything needs to be recorded for proof that it happened.

      Doesn’t Monfore wear a GoPro strapped to his body? I would hardly call that sticking the camera in Ladner’s face… And even if Monfore was sticking a camera in Ladner’s face, he was within his rights to film at a public venue. As a legislators spouse, Ladner should become better acquainted with the state laws his wife helps write, perhaps learning to keep his hands off of other people and when to just walk away.

  10. Another black eye for District 30 (I didn’t know you could have several black eyes, but….).

    This all began at the poorly run Hill City Crackerbarrel, where it was basically a free for all. I guess Matt Smith from Rapid City’s KOTA Radio was there as well to help stir the pot. He seemed proud of his efforts as he praised Monfore and other JFM allies who were there, on his “radio show” a few days later. The way Matt talked is if he (Matt) was there to defend freedom of speech. Yet, freedom of speech doesn’t include some lunatic shoving a piece of paper or a camera in your face.

    Sure, there’s no room for violence anywhere, especially at events such as these. However, Monfore was clearly trying to get a rise out of someone (I believe he called Rep. Krull a baby killer or something similar). Monfore expects respect from everyone but doesn’t want to give any respect to anyone in return.

    Lastly, people don’t realize that these Crackerbarrels are being sponsored by various organizations. These organizations can set the rules as they see fit and invite whomever they want. Fortunately the public is usually invited. If you don’t like the way they are run, then start your own Crackerbarrel. Otherwise, follow the rules and be respectful or you will be escorted out.

    1. I didn’t see or hear that Monfore was escorted out? I have no idea what he did or didn’t do. The facts point to him being accosted.

  11. this is the guy that has the camera permanently strapped to his chest when he’s testifying in committees, right? His entire schtick seems to be about making people uncomfortable and provoking a reaction, which sounds like what happened here. Ladner surely should’ve taken the higher ground and should face whatever punishment is requisite, but I have zero sympathy for Monfore.

  12. That’s the guy who comes to Main Street Sturgis during the rally to scream at EVERYONE about going to hell for watching porn while he ogles women in pasties! No joke.

    I’ve talked to several Christian bikers who have said he hurts the cause more than anything. My goodness, he is the worst.

    1. His approach seems to be brash. I’m not seeing in the bible where Jesus was afraid of hurting feelings. I see Jesus as a forgiving savior. I see him as one that would hang out with criminals over those that were self righteous. I see Jesus hanging out with those that have been accused of wrong doings over those on this page that think their sins are less than others. In fact Jesus did all of those things I just mentioned.

  13. Angustura Beach is Sodom and Gomorrah??? What have I been missing??? Sounds nutty to me. The guy won this round I suppose, as Mr. Ladner’s righteous indignation and very minor assault are not allowed by the letter of the law. He should walk away and call the police to intervene with a person who is obviously disturbing the peace and needs to be told to “move along” at the least. I doubt that Mr. Ladner will be charged by the Custer County State’s Attorney or, if he is, be convicted by a Custer County Jury. (Years back, bare knuckled brawls were fairly common on Main Street Custer. The cops would referee. No charges of course.) This seems to be a case of, “You get what you ask for.” A Judge or Justice of the Peace might give Ladner a small fine, then suspend it.

  14. Anon at7:32…don’t believe you’re a victim if you had it coming. There’s no justice for those folks obnoxiously intruding in other peoples business.

    1. stepping in to this thread. What is the physical harm of being obnoxious and intruding? SDCL does not specify that Monfore did anything illegal. One would assume that charges would have been filed if he had violated any law. Justice won’t be served until Mr. Ladner spends time in jail and is fined. If he is let off with a slap on the wrist because of his position that would be abuse of power on his spouses part.

      1. There used to be some fellows in the District Numbered 30 who solved problems like this, in the dark of the night. Unfortunately, no more, or they have grown too old.

  15. I don’t know if I could live with myself if I had to file a simple assault charge on another man. It just shows how much of a frail geek Matthew is.

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