Rapid City radio host claiming that Matthew Monfore slapped by legislator’s husband at crackerbarrel

Just caught this story about this weekend’s crackerbarrels, and at least one person is claiming that things might have gotten heated enough that hands were thrown.

Remember the flyers that were being passed out by the “shunned by Pine Ridge evangelist” Matthew Monfore that I had posted earlier this week?  These one-sided documents were being distributed at the D30 Crackerbarrels.

Apparently they caused at least one legislative spouse to get a little hot under the collar. And no, not the one who smiles and nods when his wife gives lactation advice.

In his program yesterday, KOTA AM Radio host Matt Smith claims that after one of this weekends’ crackerbarrels, Bobby Ladner, husband of State Representative Trish Ladner, using his open hand slapped the glasses off of Matthew Monfore’s face until as Smith claims, he stepped in between the two.  In the episode dated February 28, if you have time, you can start listening at about 01:13:00. But the part where he claims there was an alleged slap is about 01:19:00 – Click here to listen.

Not finding anything to immediately corroborate it, but I’m sure there will more to come.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Rapid City radio host claiming that Matthew Monfore slapped by legislator’s husband at crackerbarrel”

  1. We can have our reservations until more comes out, but it seems that District 30 has a problem with female legislators with controlling husbands. This is not the first time we have had word about husbands controlling their political spouses in that district.

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