Fake News Stories pulled from Argus – Apparently, you can’t trust the local media as well….

From the Argus Leader, apparently someone made up stuff that went into the newspaper:

Argus Leader Media retracted a story Thursday after quotes attributed to a source could not be verified.


“As journalists, we take truth and accuracy very seriously. They are the foundation of our readers’ trust and fundamental to reporting the news. The intern reporter associated with this article will no longer be writing for the publication,” Argus Leader Media News Director Cory Myers said.

Argus Leader Media is reviewing 10 other stories written by the reporter, who had been with the company since May 15.

Read that all here.

So, are they trying to tell us that we can’t trust what we read in the Argus Leader anymore, because it might be fake news?

18 thoughts on “Fake News Stories pulled from Argus – Apparently, you can’t trust the local media as well….”

  1. Confirmation bias?

    “If there are enough outlets for every American to read that their biases are right, there are enough outlets for readers to get the impression that most people, and most media, is wrong”


    Anyway. Thousands of articles, they pull one (maybe a couple more down the road), and apparently you’re supposed to toss the baby out with the bathwater. Fomenting distrust of “main-stream media” doesn’t serve anyone but those with something to gain by peddling fear.

  2. They are reporting on themselves?
    I know it is a bit slow, buy really?
    Take a break and go fishing.

  3. How goofy can you people get?— Disgraceful!!–Shit happens, they did exactly what they should have done—-How many of you conservatives are still spewing debunked crap after knowing it lies? Seth Rich? IM22 was found un-Constitutional by a court?

  4. Does this mean the story they ran the other day on Barbara Striesands dog not being dead was false and will be retracted.

    I hope Babs dog didn’t see the story. How dramatic would that be to read you were dead in the Argus Leader?

  5. Ha! Just commenting on another story about this local paper. They may not know, but word on the street is they lost credibility years ago. Have they heard about the name people so often use when talking about a story they have printed? Here’s a hint: has to do with fake news!!

      1. Actually, I’m curious on the dozen or so stories they are recanting on myself

  6. This “Argus” is a horrible, horrible source for anything. They get worse every year. I was hoping this lying making up story reporter would be that Ellis fellow being called on the carpet, for he is a self-serving reporter if there ever was one.

    1. One of the half dozen or so they’ve hired in recent months who are fresh out of college.

  7. It was an intern and they’re gone. They did the right thing getting rid of them and moving on.

  8. It’s unfortunate, but things like this can happen. I can’t get too upset that the Argus got snookered. Show me any employer who hasn’t.

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