It might be time to resurrect the SDWC-VB (Video Blog)

I had to go searching in the deep, deep archives of SDWC, back in the days when I was at for this…

This was back in October of 2005, long before youtube became ubiquitous. I did a couple of video blogcasts, which I had to convert to SWF to get them to a manageable size. And then I lost interest, mainly due to time.

I was having a discussion today, noting the lack of South Dakota politically related video offerings with a SDWC correspondent who encouraged me to take another stab at it, and I’m debating. Aside from being forced to clean my desk, today technologically, it’s more achievable, and I’ve got great equipment to work with.  

The question is whether the audience is there for a 20 minute or so regular video show.

A few audio podcasts have popped up here and there, and it would be nothing to throw something together, but that doesn’t really hold my interest as much as creating video content.

So, if I commit to creating the content, does anyone care? Or is it just more noise?

6 thoughts on “It might be time to resurrect the SDWC-VB (Video Blog)”

  1. Depends on what it is.

    What the market is starving for is real information/news/analysis which goes deeper than what can be done in this or comparable forums. The two sides have to be more about telling their story/merits than arguing with and denigrating the other side. I want information. There can be fact check segment at the end if needed.

    Ideal subjects:

    1) Merits of keeping law school in Vermillion or moving to Sioux Falls. Is the move of the medical school a relevant comparison or not?

    2) What are the real issues on the non-meandering waters and what are the options being proposed and their merits.

    3) Does Sioux Falls need more outdoor swimming pools (we actually have one less than we had in 1993 yet the city has almost doubled and added I think a dozen elementary schools if you count the Harrisburg schools in SF’s city limits)

    4) What do we really KNOW about EB-5 (vs. what everyone suspects or is willing to accuse)?

    Stuff like that.

  2. I’d be more interested in candidate interviews.. The problem is (and why I quickly dropped it) is all the production time involved. If I wasn’t employed, that’s one thing. But I am with multiple responsibilities, and I’m usually hitting it hard until 9pm at night. Doesn’t leave much time to plan, write, shoot, and cut video.

    1. Stace Nelson seems to think he has an audience. Maybe you do too. The Argus used to have a show that had lots of interaction. I’d recommend you incorporate a Facebook live or something into the blog.

      i don’t think we want interviews but opinion.

      FYI. I don’t think Dusty looks congressional. How does he get over 30% in a congressional primary if he doesn’t look the part?

        1. Yes. I lived in the state then. He was a better candidate than Johnson. Johnson is the epitome of an establishment candidate propped up by the governor and political establishment. I don’t think he could compete in his own right at this level and it will catch him.

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