12 thoughts on “Hyde Co State’s Attorney Briefing on Ravnsborg Accident Investigation”

  1. Emily Sovell came across as a poised and well spoken attorney. She might be an excellent AG choice in the future.

      1. Absolutely agree.
        (Other than that he couldn’t properly pronounce the surname of the criminal defendant in this case) I found Mr Moore to be the more solid barrister in citing the codified laws as were actually pertinent to the prosecutors’ decisions in the case.

        1. Mike Moore is a Democrat. He will never be AG. Remember he campaigned for that horrible Marcy’s Law Amendment.

          1. Horrible Marcy’s Law amendment … foisted upon the citizens of this state by a Republican Party operative.

            Am I to believe that you assign the same level of accountability and derision to the state campaign director for Marcy’s Law as you have to a ‘Democrat’?

  2. So who are Democrats and Republicans going to run in 2022?

    If I were the Dems I would try to get Kasey Olivier.

    Republicans will have a much muddier convention. Unless a clear favorite emerged.

    1. Olivier has a great personal story to tell. As an AG candidate she would pair well with Sutton part Deux.

    1. They want him hung for daring to run and not kissing the behinds of the right people. He was not a tradtional candidate and won the election by out working everyone but then isn’t beholden to anyone but the people. That is his crime. Sad actually.

      We in law enforcement have found him to be very refreshing–he isn’t having a press conference every week like Marty Jackley, he communicates with law enforcement regularly and seems to be a solid hard working guy. This was an accident and it could have happened to anyone.

      In a normal case there are no charges. Been involved in many of these cases as law enforcement. They felt he had to be charged with something because someone died but worked many of these and they are done in a few weeks and not months also.

      1. If you believe he really thought he hit a deer, and not a person, you should resign whatever law enforcement position you have.

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