John Thune’s 2019 4q FEC Report: $414k Raised, $148k Spent, $12.8M Cash on hand.

US Senator John Thune continues his strong fundraising, and further bulletproofs himself from any challengers in the latest FEC filing:

US Senator John Thune 2019 4q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

South Dakota’s senior US Senator and political juggernaut John Thune’s campaign organization continues to be the envy of any other campaign in South Dakota, as he raises $414,038.18 this quarter, against only $147,948.15 of expenditures.

But the big number is his cash on hand, at $12,791,914.71, is a sign that Democrats have not been able to mount more than a nominal challenge to Thune since his defeat of Tom Daschle.

Senator Thune is up again for election in 2022. And with this much cash on hand, banked over a series of non-races, much like MC Hammer he’s signaling to state democrats who might be thinking of jumping into a contest with him that “U Can’t Touch This.”

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