Johnson: I Will Wait My Turn to Get the Vaccine

Dusty Johnson for Congress

Johnson: I Will Wait My Turn to Get the Vaccine

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) announced he will wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccine following a statewide poll asking when he should receive his shot. Members of Congress were offered early access to the vaccine, and the poll was intended to increase discussion about the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine distribution in South Dakota.

Nearly 9,000 South Dakotans responded to the poll. More than 56% of respondents said Johnson should wait his turn to receive the vaccine, while nearly 44% said he should receive the vaccine now to instill public confidence.

“It’s been a tough year, but the approval of a vaccine has been the light at the end of a very dark tunnel,” said Johnson. “South Dakota is leading in vaccine distribution because of our collaborative efforts and lack of bureaucracy – I encourage all South Dakotans to get your dose as soon as it’s available. Our state is engaged in this discussion, and I’m grateful for the input of my constituents throughout this poll. I will respect the results, and I will wait my turn to get the vaccine.”


5 thoughts on “Johnson: I Will Wait My Turn to Get the Vaccine”

  1. So now he can send out a survey for his next big decision. Should he have a steak or hamburger for dinner?

  2. ” I will respect the results, and I will wait my turn to get the vaccine.”

    Good thing you took a statewide poll to help you make such a monumental decision. Maybe everyday before you head out to work you should take a picture of your shoes so that us folks back here in SD can tell you if they are on the correct feet?

    Good God!

  3. The shoes on the right feet poll is ludicrous. You can’t put your shoes on the wrong feet, especially when you have the kind of hammer toe Mr. Dusty has.

    However, I, for one, would welcome a poll to help Mr. Dusty choose his shirt or shoes or tie for the day. Or better yet, what sort of hat to wear to important meetings.

  4. I’m remembering back to a past year, was it 2009-2010? Maybe. It’s a year when one of our Senators was still a Governor, two-thirds of our Congressional delegation wasn’t even in the “R” party, the White House and Congress were firmly in the hands of the “D” party, and they were moving at warp speed to lock down a massive health plan and a massive energy plan. We ended up with that massive health care superstructure. When the massive energy plan came along, I remember a Senate hearing for a huge carbon-control bill that reduced emissions by mechanisms that made energy exorbitantly expensive and thus less prone to be used, to put it simply. Of the many industry people who came to kiss Congressional butts for their state energy subsidies and projects, just one person in the room stood apart from the crowd that day, and looked these politicians right in the eye and told them clearly that putting the cost burden on the backs of poor and middle income rural America was wrong. I speak of Dusty Johnson, then in the PUC. At this time in history, when this same regulatory mindset is getting ready to hammer itself down on top of this country again, I personally am glad this man is in office right now. The poll on getting the shot? Why do any of you care anyway about that? Many of you don’t think the disease was even real to begin with.

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