Lora Hubbel claims she’s is running for Governor in 2022, just like in 2018.

Had this sent over to me a short time ago. And dang. I can’t stop laughing:

Apparently Lora Hubbel was on Facebook last night making the claim that she’s going to run against Governor Kristi Noem.  Seriously. (Try to stop giggling.)

So is she running as a Republican? Indy? Constitution Party?  Or is she going to switch it up and go Libertarian this time? Who knows.

At the very least, it will provide entertainment. Much like people slow down to look at a car accident or dumpster fire.

Last time she announced she was going to run for Governor (in May of 2017) she lectured her facebook followers about how “all you who take prescription drugs are into “sorcery.”

And.. that campaign ended with Lora abandoning the Republican Party & joining the Constitution Party... and wrecking the Constitution Party.

If this is how her last election started out for the 2018 Gubernatorial contest, I can’t wait to see what she’s going to come up with for 2022.

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  1. I hear the Democratic Party can’t find enough candidates. Perhaps Hubbel should as a Democrat this time.

  2. Perhaps she will start the Hubbelian Party. They could schedule their first convention at Area 51.

  3. Were there specific demonstrable connections between Lora and the Constitution Party’s demise?

    Note – we are in the golden age of the false flag.

    I had a chance to sit and speak with Lora for 2-3 hours last year.

    I’m not seeing an explicit connection between Lora’s ethos and what could be damaging to an organization, so I’m left looking to see if there are some that hate Lora so much that they would attack and sacrifice the Constitution party to prevent Lora from advancing her own political agenda.

    I’d like to see more criticism of what Lora would put forward as her agenda today. Past analysis, assertions, publications notwithstanding, what is Lora’s platform, and why would we vote or not vote for it?
    Here is the first of two links that I would like to share.

    In this piece, I read out and react to something Lora wrote to the show.


    1. In response to John Dale’s first question above, I was a member of the Constitution Party of South Dakota when we elected Lora state chair in 2016 and when state party leadership began recruiting her to seek our nomination for governor against Terry LaFleur in 2018. The claim that she wrecked the party isn’t true.

      Dan Lederman, individually and in his capacity as chair of the South Dakota Republican Party, sued Republican secretary of state Shantel Krebs to prevent her from certifying any Constitution Party nominees for the general-election ballot in 2018. The office of the Republican attorney general provided only a token defense against the lawsuit, and Republican-appointed circuit judge Patricia DeVaney ruled in favor of the Republican Party.

      The members of the state Constitution Party most responsible for its demise were LaFleur, who was unable to win the nomination for governor over Lora, and former executive committee member Lori Stacey, who made several recordkeeping errors and ultimately argued that she and LaFleur were the true state party.

      Incidentally, Lora’s claim above that the Greek word pharmakeia referred to drug-related sorcery is true, but she misspelled pharmakeia, and it doesn’t logically follow that all drug use is sorcery.

  4. Here is a link to the Spearfish City Limits Presents with Lora Hubble, who has a right to be heard.


    After bringing Lora and the guy from Southdakola blog on the show, I noticed that my traffic dipped off quite a bit. I assume that’s the Nencon/RINO crowd who doesn’t understand their responsibility as a listener in upholding the 1st.

    I’m not saying you have to agree with Lora, but complete information makes more accurate character assessments. In this case, Lora has a lot to say for herself, not all of it perfect, but all of it genuine, and the long-form content might help those trying to decide if they would support Lora for governor or not.

      1. You have it backward, Andy. Even people who are perfectly sane deep down sometimes act crazy out here on the surface.

        Thorazine use may cause akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, and seizures, and discontinuing use may result in rapid relapse, acute withdrawal syndrome, and psychosis.

    1. Why is political reality so hard to accept? You cannot logically apply an arbitrary choice in matters of elected office without running seriously off the rails yourself. To advocate someone who has no demonstrable chance of attaining a major leadership role, against all evidence, only works to bring yourself to the pit of irrelevancy. Prove me wrong. If you have a burning need for political achievement, learn the ground game.

      1. You make two ridiculous claims and say, “Prove me wrong.”

        People frequently apply arbitrary choices in matters of elected office without running seriously off the rails, and advocating for a future leader before his or her potential is “demonstrable” brings the advocate more relevancy, not less.

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