Public Utility Commission races heat up. At least for a couple of the candidates.

The Public Utility Commission contest heated up this weekend with the two major parties choosing candidates to join the Libertarian already in the contest – so now that the slate is set, here’s what they all have had to say in the last few days:

Gary Hanson, Republican Candidate for the PUC:

Hanson says it’s important to have people in the position who are knowledgeable about utilities.

“We rule on average 170 dockets a year,” Hanson says. “Some of those are dozens of pages, or a dozen pages, and some are thousands and thousands of pages. And so, about 97 percent of what we do is reading. That’s very technical in many respects.”

Read that here.

Remi Bald Eagle, Democrat Candidate for the PUC:

“Everything from our utility rates in the urban areas, to what’s happening in regards to our agricultural industry,” Bald Eagle says. “I’d like to try to be a voice that represents the great diversity in this state.”

Read that here.

Devin Saxon, Libertarian Candidate for the PUC:

Saxon on ‘Alfalfa from ‘little rascals’ movie arrested for huffing air duster:’  “The government had nothing better to do in a time like this than to arrest more people for victimless crimes? This has to stop”

Read that here.

Well… at least two of the candidates are focusing on running for PUC.

Maybe the PUC can branch out to regulating the huffing of spray paint and air duster, that way Saxon might have something to add to the contest.

5 thoughts on “Public Utility Commission races heat up. At least for a couple of the candidates.”

    1. Exactly. It’s no wonder arcane republican views are losing ground when they want to arrest people for issues that should be dealt with through public health initiatives. When will they learn that addicts need treatment and not prison?

      1. It would be nice if Democrats tried to push personal responsibility instead of victimhood, but that’s the Dems for ya! Maybe if the vast majority of “celebrities” actually tried to push personal responsibility as being cool it would catch on.

        1. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican:

          Please recognize your naivete. “Personal responsibility” is something people using drugs can exercise, and many do that while using drugs and maintaining professional work. Were you to consider the issue from a wide enough scope, perhaps you’d recognize your narrow views contribute to the division which keeps your fellow citizens subject to government oppression under outdated drug related laws. Consider for a second that the Libertarian in the OP called out such law.

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