Sanford Health COVID update – a few more hospitalized, and a troubling trend.

I missed it earlier this week, but here’s the Sanford Health update on those who have been hospitalized for COVID 19.  Big thing I notice in comparison to last week,  The number of people who have been vaccinated as a percentage of those being hospitalized seems to be going up.

Which leads to some concern of whether the base vaccination is as effective against variants. The stats don’t mention the booster, but, that would be good to know.

If you don’t have the vaccination, the statistics show you’re at a far greater risk to get quite ill. Won’t happen to everyone, but it is happening, and you might end up in the hospital.   Or you could try to self treat with sheep dewormer, and have people suggest you drink urine. (Seriously, I’m not kidding. That’s the nutty treatment du jour).

The choice is yours.

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  1. Vaccines reduce omicron transmission relatively minimally. Masks and mask mandates do little to reduce covid transmission in general, because only n95s worn in the correct way have any significant level of effectiveness. Areas of the country with high levels of vaccination and masking have recently experienced very large covid surges. So there goes your entire argument.

    Sometimes people get sick. That’s part of life and you roll with it, like most people are doing.

    Also, virtually no one dies or goes onto a ventilator due to omicron. But now folks like you want to move the goalpost and make the mere existence of illness a basis for greater societal regulation of the individual.

    1. “ virtually no one dies or goes onto a ventilator due to omicron”

      Great news but we’ve had nearly 40 deaths reported this week so…

      1. Of those nearly 40 deaths, how many had more than one thing wrong with them? I just read not too long ago the CDC says most people who die from Covid have 3 or more comorbidities. In fact, there is a change from “dying from covid” to “dying with covid”, most likely due to a change in the Presidency.

        1. Dugger at 12:45…

          And the average age of those dying with covid is 80. That tells us all that these were highly vulnerable folks with one foot on a banana peel, the other in the grave.

            1. All the caring in the world can’t keep viruses from doing their damage. My dad was a physician. He would agree with Evan: “Sometimes people get sick. That’s part of life and you roll with it, like most people are doing.”

  2. This site used to be a pretty good place for the free exchange of thoughts and debate. However, for some reason the self appointed judge of all that is true has chosen to censor certain ideas and topics. One of those involves the so called sheep de-wormer. By the way, I thought it was horse de-wormer. In any case the judge mocks the use of this particular drug even though it is a drug that is PRESCRIBED by doctors. This particular drug has also been shown to be effective in the treating of Covid 19 according to some studies. Rather than explore the possibility, the judge mocks it and if it is brought up by name, deletes the post.
    There is another treatment that has been shown to be effective according to some studies. That particular treatment was supposed to be tested in South Dakota some time ago. I have yet to hear what ever happened to that test. My guess is it never happened. At least two states have been using a treatment that has been shown at least anecdotally to lessen this particular virus to about three days of being sick. This treatment must be effective because our federal government has done its best to buy up all of the doses and divvy them out to the states as they see fit.
    This so called vaccine is only a vaccine because the CDC changed the definition of the term so it could fit. When it was first proposed, we were told it would take years of study to bring to fruition. We needed those years of study to find out whether anything bad was associated with it. The vaccine was released and we are getting more and more stories from the VAERS database of side effects and even deaths. Nearly 20,000 deaths have been attributed to the vaccine.
    Each person has to decide for himself whether he wants to take the vaccine or not. If you have had the virus, you probably do not need it the way others do. That is not stopping you but the benefits are probably less than someone who has no antibodies.
    It has been suggested by people who know a lot more about this stuff than I do that the Omicron variant may be the thing that makes most of the deaths go away. Virtually everyone will get it and will get the antibodies and as a people we will live with it. At least until the next variant Anothercon comes along.
    It seems to me if you want to wear a mask, go for it. Just don’t force others to do so. If you want to take the vaccine, that is up to you. Just be willing to accept that some people have legitimate concerns about that vaccine. If someone catches the virus, allow them the freedom to use some of the remedies that have been shown to be effective. Let’s quit mocking people who have been doing the research. It seems to me President Trump signed a Right to Try law. Let that happen.

    1. I agree with much that was stated.

      DWC has turned to condescending attitudes with making extreme positions (horse de-wormer sheep de-wormer) in what all counter positions to science are. Using the slang in the vet office isn’t the human version of the drug. CNN did that to Rogan. What is said above while not for everyone is a reasoned position.
      Being obese is one of the largest factors determining severity. If the position is now that lifestyle choices are no longer the individual’s choice but societies, then smoking, drinking and overeating need to be held to the same standard. Should health care be denied based on controllable behavior?

      Since when has, republican debate been lowered to the democrats position which is name calling and belittling?
      Change my mind through debate and facts with sources not junior high belittling.

      I thought we were above that. Cory does this not DWC. Many things that were made fun of or blocked like the origination of the virus turned out different then the censored version.

      With all due respect, we can do better.
      Many companies and individuals are making a lot of money with what’s happening.
      I’ll probably regret sending this as I debated getting involved. I’m not against the shot but I’m not for forced vaccinations.
      Calling Drs and nurses hero’s one day and firing them later was awful. I will no longer donate to Sanford based on that decision. They are still heroes in my book.

  3. So now that 69% of the population is vaccinated, 13% of the people on ventilators were vaccinated.

    If 100% of the population were vaccinated, 100% of the people on ventilators would be vaccinated, and the anti-vacxers would finally have the proof they need that the vaccines don’t work.

    1. If 100% of the population were vaccinated there wouldn’t be 44 people on ventilators, just 5. Are you understanding it yet? The vaccine is working, just like the chart continually shows each week.

          1. Wait, what? The original point was that while the vaccinated account for roughly 70% of the population, only 13% of those on ventilators were vaccinated. If 100% of the population were vaccinated, far fewer people would be on ventilators, according to this data. The joke was that 100% of those far fewer people would be vaccinated, proving vaccines don’t work. See? That’s the joke.

            Then, out of nowhere, you came in here and started talking about natural immunity. You see how this is completely besides the point, right?

            1. No, not at all. Natural immunity isn’t tracked so we don’t know:
              The number of unvaccinated that had the virus already and the results of severity or if they’re getting the variants

              The number that had only had one shot (those results)

              No shots, no natural immunity

              Tracking the above would let us know so much more about what path is best.
              People that survived smallpox were told not to get the shot.

              These are questions worth tracking and knowing
              Israel and other countries are

  4. This whole virus thing will go away as soon as Biden and the dems are sworn in, just watch.

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