Todd Epp on tonight’s Boz call

From Todd Epp at KSOO News comes his take on the latest Bosworthian wrinkle:

I’m calling to ask you to pray for our dear sister, Dr. Annette Bosworth,” the robo-call begins. “Annette is a woman of God who has used her medical training and skills to aid people in need in South Dakota and around the world.”

Waldron, who worked on former U.S. Congresswoman Bachmann’s short-lived 2012 campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination, filed two ethics complaints against the Minnesotan. Previously in 2006, Waldron was arrested on terrorism charges in Uganda and spent over a month in prison until intervention by the Bush administration.

Read it here.

11 thoughts on “Todd Epp on tonight’s Boz call”

  1. LOL, she didn’t lose the primary to Mike Rounds, she lost the “show” position to Stace Nelson

  2. Only in SD. Take the Doc’s medical license away over 37 signatures. Seriously, what has this state come too?

    1. it’s called the law and protecting the integrity of our elections! She made her own bed and she can sleep in it. Besides there are plenty of other jobs she could do in Sioux Falls as Mayor Mike Huether points out

        1. Was she unable to read? How could she run for US Senate if she can’t read all the bills and research? Excuses and excuses! No personal responsibility whatsoever!

          This is going to be one fast trial! Guilty!

  3. The state medical board will decide what to do about her license, not Marty Jackley, but a felony conviction is usually enough. They were looking at suspending her license a couple of years ago, too.

    1. Yes and it didn’t go anywhere. Usually they drop the felony to a misdemeanor and pay a fine, kind of like they did with John Thune’s campaign. I don’t think anybody when to jail.

      1. “Trial of the Century” Are you sure about that?

        The best way to show support for the Dr. is call a press conference and announce a hunger strike until Dr. Bosworth is freed of all charges and persecution.

        1. Anonymous, I was being cynical. The other guy that actually made up names on his petitions, you never hear about him. I can’t even remember his name. But yes, he didn’t out raise Mike Rounds like Annette did toward the end. Bosworth must be some kind of threat to somebody or this wouldn’t even be a story.

          1. ms. volesky are the supporters for annette going to announce a hunger strike? think of the headlines it would stir and the donations to defense err another scheme fund

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