Update on Jean Rounds

Update on Jean Rounds

ROCHESTER, MINN. – U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) and his wife, Jean, today provided the following update on Jean’s cancer treatment:

This week, Mike and Jean traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., after Jean experienced pain in her right leg. Doctors found a hematoma at the site of her surgical incision. It was determined that this was causing pressure on her sciatic nerve. It was likely caused by blood thinners she was taking following November’s successful surgery to remove the remaining portion of the tumor after the chemo treatments were complete. She underwent surgery on Wednesday to remove the hematoma and will remain at the hospital for the next several days.

“While this is an unexpected hurdle, we are grateful that there are no concerns about the cancer at this time,” said Mike and Jean. “We continue to be lifted by the thoughts and prayers of so many and thank those who have supported us throughout this process. Keep the prayers coming!”

Following six successful rounds of chemo, Jean underwent surgery last month to remove the remaining portion of her tumor. She will undergo radiation treatment in the coming months as she finishes her anticipated course of treatment.


7 Replies to “Update on Jean Rounds”

  1. SD Peasant

    Best wishes for his wife’s return to health.
    I wonder if he’ll run for Senate or not??? Interesting to see who runs in his place…

    1. Anonymous

      He is in.

      I agree he has not recieved good advice regarding not saying he is running again.

      Lots of speculation during the budget address from many about the possibility.

      I’m not sure why they would not want to cement that he is running. It would improve his fundraising if we knew for certain.

      I guess we will get confirmation January 1st when he takes out petitions.

      He’s running but his organization is putting out bad optics and allowing rumors to spread like gospel.