Which Republican legislators were *not* in the first round of endorsements for Governor Kristi Noem?

The press release from yesterday noting Governor Kristi Noem’s early endorsements from legislators has gotten a lot of attention in the day it has been out there. And one of the items I keep getting pinged on is “who is not in the list?”

So, here is the list of Republican legislators who are holding their cards a little closer to their chest.

Senator Jack Kolbeck
Senator Joshua Klumb
Senator Julie Frye-Mueller
Senator Larry Zikmund
Senator Maggie Sutton
Senator Michael Rohl
Senator R. Blake Curd
Senator Timothy Johns
Senator V. J. Smith


Representative Aaron Aylward
Representative Bethany Soye
Representative Chris Karr
Representative Drew Dennert
Representative Jess Olson
Representative John Mills
Representative Jon Hansen
Representative Kaleb Weis
Representative Kevin Jensen
Representative Liz May
Representative Marli Wiese
Representative Marty Overweg
Representative Phil Jensen
Representative Randy Gross
Representative Rhonda Milstead
Representative Richard Vasgaard
Representative Roger Chase
Representative Sam Marty
Representative Scott Odenbach
Representative Spencer Gosch
Representative Steven Haugaard
Representative Sue Peterson
Representative Taffy Howard
Representative Tamara St. John
Representative Tina Mulally
Representative Tom Pischke
Representative Tony Randolph

I suspect there are a few who were not available, and will be on the next list that comes out. And, there is that legislator who is running against her, regardless of how futile an effort that’s going to be.

He’s probably not going to be endorsing, at least for a while.

12 thoughts on “Which Republican legislators were *not* in the first round of endorsements for Governor Kristi Noem?”

  1. Ms Milstead and Ms Wiese…please report to second floor…..you clearly did not get the full message when we told you to tow the line about the security transparency bill……you need to get on the list or we will kill your bills this year….

  2. I’m surprised at a few of the names, and I would hope that they’d come on board soon. The rest, I’m pretty sure would not support her and that will not bode well for them in the future. I like Steve Haugaard and have nothing to say against him…I just think Governor Noem is the best person for the job.

    1. I’ve always said that I’ve found Steve to be a gentleman on a personal level. That being said, Governor Noem is THE most popular political figure among Republicans in the state. And last I read, she has raised $10 million for the race.

      I don’t think the Steve campaign dog is going to hunt.

      1. She’s also the most unpopular outside the party, and given her propensity for scandal. Between that and her inability to effectively govern or push legislation she’s more of a liability than an asset. But whatever, we’ll be rid of her come 2024 anyway.

  3. I don’t agree with Representative Haugaard on some issues but he is an honest man. Honesty is easier when there is nothing to hide.

  4. Noem will be the nominee if she can avoid any more unforced errors, like releasing the Ravnsborg interrogation video, saying she was looking forward to signing a bill before she had read what was in it, and now this real estate appraiser thing. One more mistake like that and she could be done. There’s a lot of grumbling out there. I am surprised by how much.

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