Latest polling shows Mike Rounds up over Weiland going into the home stretch.

As posted on Politico (I’m still looking for the source article) it appears the latest internal campaign polling from Mike Rounds, via Glen Bolger is showing Rounds firmly back in the driver’s seat, despite the Democrat attacks against him:


A 2-1 lead over Weiland, while Pressler fades into the annals of history. And it appears that Gordon Howie’s 1% surge has faded. (Time to withdraw from the race, Gordon.)

Also interesting as noted in the poll – Weiland is overwhelmingly viewed as running the more negative campaign.  Which should not come as a shock to anyone.

South Dakota race looking better and better all the time

From the Rothenberg Report:

Republican attacks on Democrat Rick Weiland and Independent Larry Pressler appear to have worked, making it more likely that the GOP will pick up the seat of retiring Democratic Senator Tim Johnson, as long expected.


Support for Pressler, a one-time GOP senator who has said that he would be a friend of Obama if elected to the Senate and has acknowledged that he voted for Obama, has melted away over the past few weeks.

Read it all here.

Release: Rounds Visits Rosenbauer America, Discusses Impact of Obama/Weiland Policies on SD Manufacturing

Rounds Visits Rosenbauer America, Discusses Impact of Obama/Weiland Policies on SD Manufacturing

LYONS, S.D. (October 22) — Governor Mike Rounds today visited Rosenbauer America to share his pro-growth manufacturing agenda, which includes regulatory reform, tax reform, energy development, job training, and free and fair trade agreements. These policies stand in stark contrast to the president’s failed economic policies, which have led to a net loss of 400,000 manufacturing jobs.
“President Obama’s failed economic policies have cut manufacturing jobs across the country,” said Rounds. “Rick Weiland supports the president’s policies of higher taxes, more regulation, and less affordable energy development. South Dakota manufacturers cannot afford six more years of the same failed policies.”


Governor Rounds shares his pro-growth manufacturing agenda with employees at Rosenbauer America in Lyons earlier today.

Sneak Peek – New Kristi Noem TV ad which starts running today!

I’ve been deep in the caverns of Mordor working on campaign projects for Legislative candidates, but I did poke my head above ground long enough to recieve a copy of the new Kristi Noem ad that starts today, as she continues her unchallenged dominance of the South Dakota airwaves, as Corinna Robinson folds up her campaign which never really got off the ground:

This is a nice ad, which underlines and reinforces the hard work Kristi has done for South Dakotans.

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