South Dakota Republican Party Celebrates Rock Solid Leadership

South Dakota Republican Party Celebrates Rock Solid Leadership

Pierre – The South Dakota Republican Party held its 2016 South Dakota Republican State Convention in Aberdeen Friday and Saturday. The Convention theme, “Rock Solid Leadership”, paid tribute to the elected officials, party officers, community leaders, and Republican volunteers that work hard to make South Dakota great.

During the two-day convention, South Dakota Republicans unanimously nominated Chris Nelson to continue to represent the GOP in the race for Public Utilities Commissioner this fall. Republican delegates elected Ried Holien of Watertown and re-elected Sandye Kading of Rapid City to serve as State Committeeman and Committeewoman. The Friday evening banquet featured remarks from Governor Dennis Daugaard, Representative Kristi Noem, Senator Mike Rounds, and Senator John Thune.

Pam Roberts, Chair of the South Dakota Republican Party said, “I am proud of the rock solid leadership exemplified by our Republican elected officials”. “We are confident that Senator Thune, Congresswoman Noem, and Commissioner Nelson will be re-elected in November”, she said.

In addition to the elections and the Friday evening banquet, the South Dakota Republican Party adopted a resolution to oppose three ballot measures dealing with campaigns and elections this fall. The Resolution specifically opposed Amendment V, Amendment T, and Initiated Measure 22.

Ryan Budmayr, Executive Director of the Party said, “There is absolutely no good reason for giving voters less information at ballot box and providing less transparency”. “Don’t let anyone fool you, Amendment V is bad policy led by Democrats to change the way we do things in South Dakota and make our process more like California”, he said.

For questions or additional information, please contact the South Dakota Republican Party at (605) 777.0467 or email Ryan at


A little debate… Opting in, versus opting out on sex ed.

After the proposed change on emergency clause failed to be calendared, the platform plank addition of 4,3 on “opting in” for sex education is receiving a bit of debate.

Some are saying there should be a mandatory opt-in if they’re to receive sex  ed, but others argue most parents won’t read an opt in request, as opposed to those objecting to it opting out.

Teachers, school board members, and a school administrator all are testifying why requiring an opt-in is unworkable.

Debate was ended forcefully by calling the question.

….and the platform addition was carried by a majority.

Dems nominate sacricifial lamb for PUC, GOP Nominates proven Nelson.

Word out of the Dem Convention (at Perkins or wherever they were holding it) is that they’ve nominated a sacrificial lamb to run against Public Utilities Commissiober Chris Nelson.

Apparently, the man they talked into it, Henry Red Cloud, owns a Solar Company on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

Last election, they selected electrician David Allen to run for Public Utilities Commission, who was thoroughly slaughtered at the ballot box when he failed to break 30% of the vote. There’s no indication of what the Democrats intend to do to change their fortunes this time at bat.

On the flip side, Republicans nominated Chris Nelson to serve in the office again, who promised in his speech to make decisions “based on facts and law, and not a political agenda.”  And underlined that complacency is as much our enemy as the Democrats.

A little controversy in the rules….

RIght now, there’s a little debate over the adoption of the rules. Apparently, former Independent Lt Governor Candidate and GOP Precinct committeewoman Lora Hubbel is upset that if she wants to present an amendment to the platform or bring resolutions that have not been heard, that she has to provide copies to everyone.  

She opposed the rule mandating it, and requiring approval of the body to go outside the committee process, similar to how they do it in the Legislature. 

After a little debate, the body determined she’s going to go have to make copies after all..