I’m looking forward to all the photo ops Dems will have.

President Obama is planning to do something that Rick Weiland wanted no part of during this past election. Traveling to South Dakota. President Obama’s visit to Boise, Idaho on Wednesday leaves him just three states in the entire country he hasn’t been to as president: South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah. Now, Obama lost all these states — big time – as he noted in his speech at Boise State University: “Of course, in the general election, I got Continue Reading →

Governor Dennis Daugaard’s Weekly Column: Reforming Our Juvenile Corrections System

Reforming Our Juvenile Corrections System A column by Gov. Dennis Daugaard: We have much to be proud of in South Dakota. Our state has the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation. We’re among the states with the lowest cost of living. Just a few weeks ago Pew named South Dakota as the state with the least volatility in year-to-year tax revenues. There is, however, one top ranking of which we shouldn’t be proud: South Continue Reading →

US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: Uncle Sam Can’t Tax Us into Prosperity

Uncle Sam Can’t Tax Us into Prosperity By Senator John Thune Every State of the Union address includes at least one or two “buzz” words. For the past six years under President Obama, one of the phrases that has stuck out to me in his annual address to Congress is the term “restore prosperity.” The president usually follows these words with his laundry list of ways he believes Congress should act, usually by growing the Continue Reading →

US Senator Mike Rounds Weekly Column: State of the Union Address a Missed Opportunity

Weekly Column State of the Union Address a Missed Opportunity By Senator Mike Rounds Jan. 23, 2015 The State of the Union address fulfills a constitutionally mandated duty that calls on the President to periodically update Congress on the state of our nation. In recent history, the State of Union is an annual event in which the President addresses both chambers of Congress in person at the U.S. Capitol. President Obama’s 2015 address was no Continue Reading →

Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: Why We Need an Opportunity Economy

Why We Need an Opportunity Economy By Rep. Kristi Noem January 23, 2015 During last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama intended to make the argument that his economic approach was “middle-class economics.”  We ought to be investing in growing the size and strength of middle-class America – as well as its pay – but the President’s policies have failed to do that. On his watch, only top earners have seen their incomes Continue Reading →

Latest Annette Bosworth pre-trial plea is a bit bizarre. Dear Wedding List Legislator:

“Dear Wedding List, Legislator.

You’re Invited to the wedding. Or at least you would be invited to the wedding if Chad and I were planning our wedding today. That is why you’ re getting this letter, You are on my “wedding list” of people.

You are receiving this letter because you are a legislator and you will be in Pierre during the trial!


“Many of God’s people have come forth to show their support. Specifically, one supporter wants to help by sponsoring the cost of bus-transportation to get to and from Pierre during the trial. Another supporter offered to help by sponsoring the cost of the hotel rooms in Pierre during the trial. Yet another sponsor has offered to cover the cost of a daily catered meal for the supporters willing to attend the trial. Pierre, South Dakota in February sounds like a delightful vacation. Right? We will make it a celebration of support of God’s people for those willing to attend. Continue Reading →

Press Release: Rounds Supports Working Families Flexibility Act

 Rounds Supports Working Families Flexibility Act WASHINGTON—Yesterday, U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) cosponsored the Working Families Flexibility Act, which would allow employees to choose between traditional overtime pay or additional comp time when they work overtime hours. “This bill would benefit hard-working families across South Dakota and throughout the country,” said Rounds. “It would offer private sector employees a win-win option when they work overtime: they could select either monetary compensation or paid time off Continue Reading →

Press Release: South Dakota PUC elects new leaders

South Dakota PUC elects new leaders PIERRE, SD – The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission this week elected Commissioner Chris Nelson as its new chairman and Commissioner Kristie Fiegen as vice chairman. The three-member panel, which also includes Commissioner Gary Hanson, conducted the votes at a meeting in Pierre on Jan. 20. In his nominating remarks, Hanson praised Nelson’s leadership role on a national level, particularly in the telecommunications arena. “Commissioner Nelson has ascended to Continue Reading →

Be careful who’s house you flood. They may end up being your US Senator.

From KELOland, this is both a little hilarious, and a sweet comeuppance: South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds’ new job comes with a new responsibility, overseeing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It’s an agency that flooded his property nearly four years ago. In the summer of 2011, the Corps of Engineers authorized record releases from dams along the Missouri River after a wet spring and a snowy winter in the Rocky Mountains. That water flooded Continue Reading →