Release – Reasons why W is Wrong: Not the will of the people of South Dakota – Rather the will of the rich from Massachusetts

Reasons why W is Wrong:
Not the will of the people of South Dakota – Rather the will of the rich from Massachusetts

Represent SD is not a nonprofit organization in South Dakota – it’s a political campaign committee only

Amendment W does nothing to put “the people” of South Dakota in control of anything.  In fact, “the people” of South Dakota have had very little to do with Amendment W at all.  The effort to get the amendment on the ballot used professional signature gatherers, paid with money that came exclusively from out of state.  Represent US from Massachusetts, along with other out-of-state people, contributed more than $360,000 last year to pay several contract lobbyists who hired the people that circulated petitions and gathered signatures from fewer than 10% of the registered voters in our state to get Amendment W on the ballot.

In fact, Represent SD which is the organization listed on the Amendment W campaign material and on advertisements, is not registered as a nonprofit organization or as a business with the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office and only exists as a political committee – a ballot question committee.

“Represent SD has no members, does not have bylaws, has no officers or a board of Directors,” said David Owen, President of South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the W is Wrong Committee.  He continued, – “This is a group attempting to inflict an East Coast experiment on people living in Elk Point, Groton and Philip and plenty of other places that they have never heard about and couldn’t find on a map”  “This isn’t putting the people of South Dakota in charge of anything; it’s one more attempt to dupe South Dakota voters, and if successful, make an absolute mess of our Constitution.”

Represent US is the same organization that spent nearly $1 million to promote an extremely flawed ballot measure, IM-22 during the 2016 election.  Another $800,000 came from a handful of wealthy out-of-state people – “the people” of South Dakota were not part of it.

Amendment W does nothing to return control to the people; it is 8 pages with 3,329 words.  It creates 4th branch of government and declares the new article will OVERRIDE the rest of the constitution. The new branch of government is to operate outside the other three branches of government, with vast powers to conduct investigations and issue subpoenas and pass rules that could harass every elected official and public employee in the state, including teachers and law enforcement officers and county highway workers.

And while the proponents talk about cleaning up conflicts of interest, Amendment W ALLOWS members of the tribunal to vote on matters where they have an acknowledged personal conflict of interest, “if their vote is needed to break a tie(from the text of Amendment W).

This fourth branch of government gets nearly $400,000 every year that increases by inflation every year and can go to court to ask for more money.  The legislature has no control over the money and the Governor cannot veto the expenditure.  This is ten times what the current ethics commission spends and there are much better uses for that money.

Represent SD doesn’t represent anyone in South Dakota which is just one of many reasons why their Amendment W is Wrong for South Dakota, and why voters should VOTE NO on AMENDMENT W.

Bjorkman Broke Top Campaign Pledge, Took $$$ from Special Interest Lobbyists

Despite claiming he would not take any money from “special interests,” Republican Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson is pointing out that the Tim Bjorkman campaign has reported raising thousands of dollars from Washington, DC lobbyists.

According to Johnson the lobbyists who have funded Bjorkman’s campaign advocate for the medical device industry, oil companies, health insurers, commercial banks, and mortgage lenders.

One of those cases of Bjorkman demanding that people do as he says… not as he does.

Release: Billie Sutton Takes a Bernie Sanders Approach to Policy

Billie Sutton Takes a Bernie Sanders Approach to Policy

Despite branding himself a moderate, Billie Sutton will bring Bernie Sanders’ policies to South Dakota government. From supporting socialized medicine to legalizing marijuana, Billie Sutton has a history of supporting Bernie Sanders’ policies. Are their approaches to policy one and the same?

Billie Sutton

Bernie Sanders

Support for Socialized Medicine

Legalize Marijuana

End the Death Penalty

Let Felons Vote

Oppose the Keystone Pipeline

Wants to Ditch the “Democrat” Label


“Supports Socialized Medicine” – In March 2014, Sutton opposed a resolution that would express the South Dakota legislature’s opposition to Obamacare. (HCR1028)

“Legalize Marijuana” – In 2017, Billie Sutton sponsored a bill that would no longer make it illegal for someone to have marijuana in their system. (SB129)

“End the Death Penalty” – In 2015 in the Senate State Affairs Committee, Billie Sutton moved to pass a bill that would repeal the death penalty. (SB121)

“Let Felons Vote” – In 2012, Billie Sutton voted against a bill that would remove all people serving a sentence for a felony from the voting rolls in South Dakota. (HB1247)

“Oppose the Keystone Pipeline” – In 2016, Billie Sutton voted against a resolution urging Congress to support and to ask the United States Secretary of State to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project. (HCR1008)

Fact Check Gnome – Billie Sutton helped fund poll to see if an income tax would fly in SD

From my mailbox:

Image NA

We’ve heard through the grapevine that Billie Sutton is trying to convince voters a state income tax wouldn’t fly with him. Really?! Because in 2015, he didn’t just float the idea in a Task Force meetinghe did a poll to test out if South Dakotans would buy what he’s selling on the state income tax.

Check this out >> Billie Sutton helped fund a poll asking South Dakotans what they would be supportive of doing:

A. Increase the state’s sales tax by one cent per dollar – just during the summer monthsB. Increase state taxes on big corporations that operate in South Dakota but are headquartered in other states.

C. Increase the state tax on car rentals, hotels and motels

D. Start an income tax on people making over 500 thousand a year

What about NOT increasing taxes? Kristi Noem has pledged to veto tax hikes; Billie Sutton called that pledge “dangerous.

– Fact Check Gnomes

Release: South Dakota State Fraternal Order of Police endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General


The SD Fraternal Order of Police is made up of more than 1,200 law enforcement officers from 12 lodges from around the state and is the largest law enforcement group in the state. The FOP has members who are a few months into their career, to Chiefs and Sheriffs with decades of service. We look at issues important to public safety and law enforcement when we discuss who to endorse in political races.

The SD FOP is proud to endorse Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General. The FOP does not make decisions lightly as the members are from across the political spectrum. Party affiliation means less to the FOP than the issues of public safety and law enforcement support.

Lodges have met with the candidates and the state lodge asked them to complete a questionnaire regarding the issues that we most focus on. After reviewing the responses, the membership voted to support Jason for some of the following reasons:

  • Commitment to work with local law enforcement on the issues of narcotics and the juvenile criminal justice system
  • An understanding of the costs involved with recent changes in legislation and how it affects local government
  • Intent to assess Senate Bills 70 and 73 to determine ways to amend and improve it
  • Proposal to address the mental health and meth crises with treatment programs
  • Commitment to being accessible to all law enforcement

President Mike Walsh: “After reviewing the questionnaire responses and discussing the candidates with the membership, the SD FOP feels that Jason Ravnsborg is the right person for the office of Attorney General. Our members work daily to protect citizens and their rights, and are confident that Jason will support them. We therefore encourage support of his campaign.”

Dem Candidate notes she’s “a caucasian with a driver’s license,” and claims voter fraud is “a non-issue.”

From Kathy Tyler’s election facebook page comes a somewhat odd stream of consciousness:

And the best part is that she claims “reputable sources have stated that voter fraud is basically a non-issue.”  Except…it isn’t.  Such as this story from last Friday.

A grand jury indicted Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra on Wednesday.

Paxton’s office said the women harvested votes, by filling out applications for mail-in ballots, with forged signatures. Then they would either “assist” the voter with filling out the ballot, or fill it out themselves, and use deception to get the voter to sign the envelope the ballot would be sent back in.

Political consultant Aaron Harris said Friday the case stemmed out of information he provided to investigators back in 2016.

“The harvesters sit around and fill these out by the hundreds, often by the thousands,” he said Friday.


The indictments show several of the ballots in question were for Democratic candidates.

Read that here.