If Corinna Robinson is pro-gun, why did she not fill out the NRA Survey?

Remember the “10 questions” feature I did with Democrat Corinna Ronbinson way, way back? One of the questions was regarding her support for the 2nd Amendment:

8. What is your position on Second Amendment? And do you own any guns?

I support Second Amendment rights. As a Military Police officer I qualified with an M-9, M-16, M-4, Mk 19 and the M-203 grenade launcher. Let’s go to the range sometime.

Read that here.

Fast forward a great number of months (and a great number of Robinson campaign managers), and the NRA has posted the results of their election survey.


Kristi Noem received an “A,” and was endorsed. But Corinna Robinson apparently didn’t even return the survey which probed how conservative or liberal she is on gun rights?

So, maybe she isn’t very pro-gun after all?

SDGOP: Republican Ground Game Showing Momentum

gopRepublican Ground Game Showing Momentum

The SDGOP’s field program is showing that South Dakota is excited for 2014 Republican ticket

Sioux Falls, SD – Since the June primary, the South Dakota Republican Party’s field program has completed well over 150,000 calls in addition to knocking on tens of thousands of doors. Through these voter outreach activities, conducted in-state by South Dakotans, officials with the South Dakota Republican Party are acknowledging that there is strong support and enthusiasm for the entire Republican ticket.

“Over the course of the last 4 months, the SDGOP’s field program has mobilized well over 1,000 volunteers to make calls and knock on doors for our entire Republican team,” said Rob Burgess, Communications Director for the South Dakota Republican Party. “Through the efforts of these dedicated volunteers, we continue to receive positive feedback and acclamations of support for Republicans up and down the ballot.”

The field effort put forth by the South Dakota Republican Party has communicated with voters in every corner of the state through phone calls and door to door walks as well as participation in parades, fairs and festivals.

“We have approached this voter outreach program very aggressively since day one,” continued Burgess. “The offices that are on the ballot this year affect every South Dakotan. That is why our field program started out as a statewide effort and we are proud to say that we have spoken with voters in every single county.”

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SDGOP: Weiland Stands Behind Big Government on Education, Senate Reform

gopWeiland Stands Behind Big Government on
Education, Senate Reform

“Big Government” Weiland has no faith in state elected officials

Sioux Falls, SD – Comments that appeared in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader  show President Obama’s candidate for the Senate, Rick Weiland, reaffirmed his faith in Big Government having all the answers and he expressed opposition to state officials having a role in federal policy and spending decisions.

”’Big Government’ Rick Weiland believes the heavy hand of Big Government should dictate education policy and decide how education funding should be spent,” said Dick Wadhams, spokesman for the South Dakota Republican Party. “‘Big Government’ Rick Weiland also thinks federal agencies should be able to dictate regulations without any congressional oversight.”

In responses to questions from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader in articles that appeared yesterday and today, “Big Government” Rick Weiland said the U.S. Department of Education should make unchallenged decisions on how education funding is spent because if “governors were given blocks of cash intended for education, they’d take it and use it and direct it for something else.”

“‘Big Government’ Rick Weiland clearly believes that elected governors are not to be trusted with education dollars, that only unelected federal education bureaucrats should be trusted with those decisions,” Wadhams said.

“Big Government” Weiland also said he would oppose the REINS Act, which is strongly supported by Mike Rounds, which would require Congress to approve regulations written by the federal bureaucracy before they went into effect.

“‘Big Government’ Rick Weiland believes only federal bureaucrats should have the ability to create and implement regulations and that the people’s elected representatives should be shut out of the process,” Wadhams concluded.

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