Federal Court Dismisses Candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner Ballot Challenge

Federal Court Dismisses Candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner Ballot Challenge

Marty JackleyPIERRE, S.D – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that the Federal District Court has ruled that Ryan Gaddy will not be placed on the November general election ballot as a candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner.

The Court upheld the South Dakota statute that requires candidates to be members of the party from which they are nominated as constitutional. The Court found that requiring a candidate to switch party affiliation prior to nomination imposed only a minimal burden. Our United States Supreme Court has recognized state legislatures’ need for such minimal ballot requirements in that “It preserves political parties as viable and identifiable interest groups, enhances parties electioneering and party building efforts and guards against party raiding and ‘sore loser’ candidacies by spurned primary contenders.”

Press Release: Noem Calls on EPA to DefineRegulated Navigable Waters on Map

Noem Calls on EPA to Define Regulated Navigable Waters on Map

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Kristi Noem today called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to define which waters would be under EPA jurisdiction if the proposed Waters of the U.S. Rule was adopted.  The announcement comes in the wake ofnew EPA maps (see the South Dakota map here)that were only recently made available after pressure from Congress. These maps have raised additional questions about how extensive the EPA’s regulatory authority could become.

“To see the miles upon miles of waterways on this EPA map is extremely alarming.  This could very well be one of the largest federal land grabs in US history,” said Rep. Noem.  “These new maps outline thousands of miles of waterways that could be subject to new permitting requirements and stiff fines if private property owners are found in violation.  I am calling on the EPA to define which of these waterways would be exempt from EPA jurisdiction under their proposal. We cannot have every ditch, pond, and stock dam under the EPA’s control.”

On March 25, 2014, the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed a rule that could assert Clean Water Act jurisdiction over nearly all areas on public and private property that are connected to navigable waters.  As written, the rule aggressively expands federal authority under the Clean Water Act while bypassing Congress and creating unnecessary ambiguity.

Most recently, in July, Noem co-sponsored bipartisan legislation that would stop the EPA and Army Corps from implementing the rule.  In May, Rep. Noem joined 231 Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle in urging the EPA and the Secretary of the Army to withdraw the proposed rule.  She also questioned the USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment at an Agriculture Committee hearing in June. Here, the Congresswoman raised concerns about the lack of clarity the interpretive rule would provide to producers and questioned why the administration is pursuing the rule when so many are opposed to it (watch the exchange here).

To view a copy of each of the EPA maps released by the Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee Lamar Smith, please click here.


Oh……SOS Candidate Angelia Schulz’s campaign strategist claims she hasn’t abandoned the race. She’s been “gearing up.”

This article in the Aberdeen American News gave me a chuckle. And it’s a must see, since it mentions the SDWC.

where_is_angeliaThe American News contacted Schultz about the status of her campaign. In a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, Schultz’ campaign strategist Bajun Mavalwalla said Schultz has been assembling a team and they’re finalizing their strategy to find the best and most efficient way to get her message out across the state.

“As far as my candidate, she’s not missing, and she’s not pulling out,” Mavalwalla said. “Right now, what Angelia recognizes is what we have in South Dakota is a core group of voters who need to know what she’s all about. That’s why we are making sure when we put everything out that the message is synchronized and right on time.”

Go read it all right here, now.

(I could print the whole darn article, because it’s excellent stuff, but that would run contrary to fair use.)

So, apparently Angelia isn’t abandoning the race, and is running a type of ‘ninja’ or ‘commando’ campaign, where she’s been utterly and completely silent.

And by not doing anything, or having any campaign materials, or making many appearances, it’s a new type of campaign strategy, as opposed to meeting the voters who would be electing her.

If you don’t recognize the name of her campaign strategist, Bajun Mavalwalla, you should. This marks his second South Dakota campaign. He originally came to politics in California, acting as Campaign Manager at Barbara Mulvaney for Congress, a candidate who ended up receiving 2.3% of the vote. From there, he switched sides, and came to South Dakota acting as Corinna Robinson’s first of many campaign managers (Corinna replaced Bajun with Tom Katus).

And after a month with Corinna, he’s now landed at the Angelia Schultz for SOS campaign, utilizing the “stratergy” of keeping her under wraps, and hiding.

Bajun is a nice enough person, but you have to wonder  – what on earth is going on? And who is paying him?

Given her history of twitter gaffes, it may actually be a good strategy for Angelia to go underground and be quiet. Although, like rare sightings of Salman Rushdie after the fatwa was issued against him, she self-reported that she did emerge from cover of darkness long enough to attend the Brookings County Democrat picnic before she went back into the witness candidate protection program.

Seriously, this looks like a lot of silly spinning from the Democrats to save face after the report I had from a fairly reliable source that she was telling friends that she was done campaigning.  If you didn’t notice, in the article, her campaign manager was quoted. Nothing from Angelia Schultz herself.

As people started to notice they didn’t have a candidate anymore, I’m guessing that Democrats were forced to act.

The fact that a statewide candidate has no campaign materials as we approach the 60 days until election mark is amazing, even for Democrats.  The fact that a candidate is invisible and unavailable to the media, and only rarely appears in public, even more so.

I thought she claimed to be one of the “Real Republicans?”

Independent Lt. Governor candidate, and suicide re-enactor Lora Hubbel was out yesterday calling out the Republican party as evil yesterday.


This coming after she was obliterated as a GOP candidate for Governor, and attended the GOP convention as a delegate. Lora was another one of those who would call out people as being RINO’s and complaining that some weren’t “real Republicans.”

Oddly enough, I’m not missing her at the meetings….

So what was going on here in Brookings?

I’m hearing a rumor that there was a news crew talking to Rick Weiland who was in town for the Brookings Democrat Picnic. They were chatting with him either yesterday, or early today.

Not seeing anything on the news. Anyone have anything further on this? e-mail me here.

Possible update. I had a text message from one of my spies who claimed it was Fox News. However, if that’s the case, there’s no corresponding report yet.

There’s a story on it, and I’ll get to grabbing it as soon as I’ve landed from some traveling I need to do today. Stay tuned.

American Wind Energy Association running ads in support of Kristi Noem

I just caught this in my browser at the Rapid City Journal:

noem_windThe American Wind Energy Association is honoring Congresswoman Kristi Noem as one of their “Wind Champions,” as noted in the writeup on their web site page:

Rep. Noem has worked across the aisle and has been instrumental in bipartisan efforts to extend the Production Tax Credit.  She has co-sponsored  legislation to extend the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) and introduced the “Utilizing America’s Federal Lands for Wind Energy Act” that would streamline the process to test and develop onshore wind power on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service land. She has also co-signed numerous bipartisan letters to House leadership urging them to expeditiously renew the PTC.

Read it here.

And the Wind group is strongly encouraging Congresswoman Noem’s re-election, noting on the same page.

“The Wind Champions program is an initiative to identify and support Congressional candidates who have taken a leadership role in supporting wind energy issues. The program channels wind supporters’ contributions to Congressional re-election campaigns and lets candidates know that their support of the wind industry matters to their constituents.”

Great job Kristi!

Weiland can’t sell Obama agenda in South Dakota, so he’s strictly on the attack. Where are the position papers?

There’s some chatter today on Rick Weiland, and it’s not very positive for Slick Rick.

Abandoned by those who should be his allies, they’re already declaring the South Dakota US Senate seat lost for Democrats.  So what’s Rick’s response?  Go on the attack.

Weiland has been on a near constant attack for weeks now, poking at Republican Mike Rounds in hopes of making some headway.  And, asroundsinlead we noted yesterday, it’s not working. Poll numbers continue to be extremely strong for Mike Rounds as he keeps moving forward in the race, leaving Weiland to complain about the size of Rounds’ campaign bus, or to manufacture controversy.

But why is that ALL Weiland talks about lately?

As GOP Communications Director Rob Burgess was noting this morning “Almost everything that comes out of @People4Weiland’s mouth is an attack. Why is that? He can’t sell a liberal agenda to voters.”

And therein lies Weiland’s problem, as well as the explanation. Weiland can’t sell Obama in South Dakota. He can’t sell his agenda which places his as one of the (if not THE) most liberal Democrats running for US Senate in the country. So he’s strictly on the attack.

When I note Weiland can’t sell Obama, I’m referring to his synergy and agreement with the President’s agenda, as well as his views that go beyond what the President will say publicly.

Weiland vaguely has put out an agenda on items such as

  • Rick Weiland wants to go farther than Obamacare into socialism & a national medical plan.
  • Obama is hedging, as he drags his feel on the Keystone Pipeline. Rick Weiland is completely against the pipeline.
  • Rick Weiland is against other energy development, (oil, coal and uranium mining.)
  • Rick Weiland wants to raise prices by forcing businessowners to pay more for employees via the minimum wage.

And it only gets muddier from there.  Around August 1st, in an interview that Weiland did with the Constant Commoner blog written by Rapid City Journal columnist John Tsitrian, Weiland made a specific promise to lay out his agenda:

weilandIn keeping with our effort to talk about real issues – beginning next week, I am going to propose a series of policy ideas as I make my way across the state a second time and I am going to post these position papers on my website. Our state needs a vigorous discussion of the issues and I will do my part to help make sure this happens.

Read that here.

But, like many promises by ambitious politicians, it hasn’t happened.  If you go to his issues and priorities page..  crickets.  No series of policy ideas. No position papers… despite their promise nearly a month ago.

What have we had since? Attack, attack, attack against Mike Rounds.

Has his mantra of attack and no specifics  gotten him anywhere? Not really. In fact, it appears he’s losing ground.

I’d point out that of the other people running against Mike Rounds,  Larry Pressler has been running with literally the same pro-Obama agenda as Weiland. Pro-Obama & Obamacare, etcetera. Except Pressler hasn’t switched to full negative as Weiland has, and is at least sticking to talking about policy.

Leaving Pressler in a position of bleeding off at least 15% of the electorate that Weiland needs.

With the debate on Friday at the State Fair, it remains to be seen if Weiland can spend a smidgen of time talking about himself and the issues. Or if he’s going to remain in attack dog mode.

Press Release: Haan Lawsuit Seeking Placement on Ballot for U.S. House of Representatives Dismissed

Haan Lawsuit Seeking Placement on Ballot for U.S. House of Representatives Dismissed

Marty JackleyPIERRE, S.D – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that on Monday, August 25, 2014, Charles W. Haan filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General to certify Haan as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives or to compel the Attorney General to order Secretary of State Jason Gant to certify Haan as a candidate.

The Circuit Court dismissed the lawsuit finding that Attorney General does not have the authority to certify candidates for elective office as that authority rests with the Secretary of State. The  Court recognized, “that there is no law, and no arguable extension of the law, which would under any theory, authorize a circuit court to order the A.G. to order the Sec. of State to do anything.”

Secretary of State Candidate Lori Stacey thinks that there could be a government plan to replace bees with robots. I’m not kidding.

Sometimes, even jaded followers of politics read something that leaves your jaw hanging open. That happened today, as I was looking for a noteworthy link to illustrate my opinion that South Dakota Constitution Party Candidate Lori Stacey might be a little off.

I found it in spades from a recent column by Lori at examiner.com:

Bee extinction: An honest mistake or planned destruction?

Who thinks robot bees are coming? SOS candidate Lori Stacey.
From Lori Stacey’s Column – Bee extinction: An honest mistake or planned destruction?

In light of a newly released video put out by the Greenpeace organization, the topic of what will be done if bees become completely extinct begs an answer to this question. Is colony collapse disorder caused by an honest mistake or is it rather the planned destruction of bee populations?


A simple Google search of “robo bees” will show you that this supposedly outlandish and futuristic mock commercial in question is really not as far-fetched as one might think. In fact, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is taking a lead role in a RoboBees project.


lori stacey
Domo Arigato, buzz buzz Roboto.

As it becomes more and more evident throughout the world that these pesticides and GMOs can be harmful to living things, many countries have now banned the use and importation of such “foods”, yet here in our nation, it is big business as usual.

So what about the demise of our bee population? Well, the takeover of our nation’s food supply has made some people billions of dollars. It is boldly evident that there is no concerted effort within our government to reign in their ill effects because it is against their own personal interests to do so. Years ago, it would have been seen as far-fetched and grossly futuristic to think that large pesticide corporations could patent our “food”. Now we are left with the prospect that these same products likely are killing off our bees. So are robotic bees the next planned step to replace real bees and thereby create a new dependency on yet another multi-billion dollar industry? It may not be as far-fetched as we currently think it is.

Read it here.

“…are robotic bees the next planned step to replace real bees and thereby create a new dependency on yet another multi-billion dollar industry? It may not be as far-fetched as we currently think it is.”

Lori wrote that in May of this year.

Do you know what I think is far fetched? That even one person in this state would think that Lori Stacey is mentally capable of running a government office. I absolutely shudder at the concept.

She thinks that colony collapse disorder could possibly be “the planned destruction of bee populations” and that robot bees are “the next planned step to replace real bees and thereby create a new dependency on yet another multi-billion dollar industry?

She may be attempting to challenge Dr. Evil Chad Haber for the race to the absolute bottom of what we can expect in political candidates.

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