Daschle/Reid feud erupts over Weiland, who Dem polling says “has no chance of winning in any combination of the field.”

Well, this story has got to have the same effect as a bracing cup of joe in the morning for Rick Weiland. Because we get to read all about how much the DSCC thinks he’s an awful candidate who “has no chance of winning in any combination of the field:”

Simmering tensions between Harry Reid and Tom Daschle are erupting into an all-out feud.

Daschle is expressing frustration with the Senate majority leader (D-Nev.) for refusing to endorse Rick Weiland, a former Daschle aide who is running for the South Dakota seat held by retiring Sen. Tim Johnson (D).

Reid last year declared Weiland was “not my choice” in the race, and this summer added, “We are going to lose in South Dakota, more than likely.”

Asked if those comments hurt Weiland’s chances, Daschle told The Hill, “Well, it certainly hasn’t helped.”

Adam Jentleson, a spokesman for Reid, fired back on Monday: “It’s sad that Sen. Daschle is working against Senate Democrats’ interests rather than working to preserve the Democratic majority that Sen. Reid restored.”


A Democratic source who requested anonymity said, “The DSCC has private polling showing that Weiland has no chance of winning in any combination of the field, including in a head-to-head matchup against Rounds. He and Sen. Daschle are wasting everyone’s time and resources, including their own.” 


Daschle said Weiland understood that he needed to prove he could win: “I think over the last several months, he has certainly done that, obviously not to the satisfaction of some in Washington.”

Brook Hougeson, spokeswoman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, pointed to recent internal GOP polling to argue Weiland doesn’t have a chance: “If Democrats in Washington want to flush money down the toilet by throwing it behind a fringe candidate in a red state down nearly 20 points in lieu of one of the other dozen plus actual competitive races, bless their heart.”

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So, that explains what Brendan Johnson is doing. Or does it?

This past weekend, newly minted Rapid City Journal reporter Seth Tupper followed up on some of the rumors that were flying around about Brendan Johnson’s house sale, the shakeup in his old law firm, and other things buzzing about:

It turns out the reality isn’t as buzzworthy as the gossip, according to Brendan Johnson. In an interview, Johnson said he has no plans to leave the U.S. attorney’s office in the immediate future and simply sold his former house in Minnehaha County and bought a different one in neighboring Lincoln County.

A check of records in Lincoln County confirms that the Johnsons bought a house there Aug. 18. A county fee of 50 cents per $500 was charged, and that fee came to $1,500, which means the purchase price was likely around $1.5 million.

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So Brendan Johnson claims he’s not leaving office. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense if he’s planning for 2016.  But, I ask if it makes it all a little bit curiouser.

It’s interesting that the home purchase simultaneous with the sale wasn’t reflected in the Argus’ rundown of home purchases. (Unless they don’t cover sales in Lincoln county.)  But the price tag is also raising eyebrows.

If Brendan were planning to run in 2016, you’d think that he might eschew such a significant home purchase in South Dakota, where the median home price (according to Zillow) is $124,500 at the moment.  Over 10 times less than his new home.

Between this (literal) house move by Brendan, and a similar Herseth-Sandlin Sioux Falls home purchase in recent months, does that mean that the future of the Democratic Party is cashing out and giving up on the party that couldn’t shoot straight?

There’s far better money in going private, as evidenced by Herseth Sandlin, even if Raven isn’t at their peak at the moment.  And obviously, the Democrat Party isn’t interested in anyone who can run a competitive race, preferring carpetbaggers and Liberals who can’t win a race to save their lives..

Even if he isn’t leaving the US Attorney’s office for getting back in to private practice, the national dominance of the party of Obama is going come to an end at some point, and there will be a job opening at the US Attorney’s office.

And then we’ll see what Brendan Johnson is planning for 2016.

Press Release: NRA Endorses Krebs for Secretary of State

NRA Endorses Krebs for Secretary of State

September 29, 2014

krebs_pic-162x242State Senator Shantel Krebs (R-Renner) announced today that the National Rifle Association has given her the endorsement for her bid to become South Dakota’s next Secretary of State as well as an “A” Rating.

“There’s no greater duty than defending and protecting our constitutional rights, and the 2nd Amendment is among the most important ”, said Senator Krebs.  “In South Dakota we know that the right to bear arms is doubly important as avid sportsmen and women and also in defending our property”

Senator Krebs is a fourth generation South Dakotan who was born and raised on the family farm in Arlington, South Dakota.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Dakota State University and is currently in her fifth term in the South Dakota legislature, serving as Senator for Minnehaha County.

GOP Press Release: Rounds Endorsed By Small Business Leaders While Liberal Elitist Environmentalists Endorse Weiland

gopRounds Endorsed By Small Business Leaders While Liberal Elitist Environmentalists Endorse Weiland

National Federation of Independent Business supports Rounds, League of Conservation Voters supports Weiland

Sioux Falls, SD – Republican Senate candidate Mike Rounds today was endorsed by a national organization representing thousands of small businesses while President Obama’s candidate, Democrat Rick Weiland, was endorsed by a national organization that supports proposed job killing regulations on small business while also opposing the Keystone pipeline.

“Nothing dramatizes the clear differences between Mike Rounds and Rick Weiland than today’s endorsements,” said Dick Wadhams, a spokesman for the South Dakota Republican Party. “Mike Rounds is supported by an organization that seeks to strengthen small businesses that create jobs while Rick Weiland was endorsed by a group of elitist environmentalists who want to impose onerous, job killing EPA regulations on small businesses while also hurting South Dakota farmers by opposing the Keystone pipeline.”

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), America’s largest small business association, today formally endorsed Rounds for the U.S. Senate while the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which supports proposed new regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would hurt South Dakota small businesses, joined President Obama in endorsing Rick Weiland. The LCV also opposes the construction of the Keystone pipeline which, if built, would help South Dakota farmers by freeing up rail cars to move grain.

“Funny that Rick Weiland is not trumpeting his endorsement by a bunch of elitist environmentalists who want to kill jobs and hurt farmers in South Dakota,” Wadhams said.

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Daily Kos saying it’s impossible for Slick Rick Weiland to win unless Pressler drops out.

Here’s an interesting call to action by a group of Democrat activists.  They’re on the warpath and have formed a petition for Larry Pressler to drop out of the US Senate race.

Why? Because they admit, it’s impossible for Slick Rick Weiland to win because Pressler has taken all of the Weiland voters:

Sign and send the petition: Tell Larry Pressler to drop out

A recent SurveyUSA poll in South Dakota shows Democrats have a strong chance to win a U.S. Senate seat that they’ve long since given up on—but only if centrist independent candidate Larry Pressler drops out.


Simply put: This is a sure-fire GOP win if Pressler stays in, and a toss-up if he drops out.

Sign and send the petition to independent Larry Pressler: Drop out and support Democrat Rick Weiland.


Read it here.

Yes, you’re reading it correctly. The message alternates if you refresh it, but Dems are saying “As long as you (Pressler) remain in the race, Mike Rounds will be the state’s new Senator.” And they’re begging him to endorse Rick Weiland.

Let me repeat – they claim it’s their “ONLY CHANCE to defeat Mike Rounds.”     5 weeks out, and they’re down to begging Pressler to drop out.

O, How the mighty have fallen.

Why do anti-energy production groups love Rick Weiland so much?

Virtually at the same time that Mike Rounds was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, Rick Weiland received an endorsement of his own. But as in other cases, he’s awfully quiet about his endorsements from liberal special interest groups who want to shut down domestic energy production:


LCV Action Fund Endorses Rick Weiland for U.S. Senate from South Dakota

29 Sep 2014 
WASHINGTON, DC—The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, which works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental policies, announced today its endorsement of Rick Weiland for U.S. Senate from South Dakota. Weiland will work to conserve our environment and expand America’s clean energy economy.

“Rick Weiland has spent his career balancing economic growth with environmental protections, and he will continue this leadership in the Senate as he works to create clean energy jobs and increase our energy efficiency,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “He will ensure we are good stewards of our environment by conserving our natural resources and reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels.” 

“I appreciate the League’s endorsement a great deal,” said Weiland. “The League has taken on such a critical fight, one that isn’t easy at times, especially given the misinformation campaigns fueled by big money.  Our planet is precious and we need to ensure its survival for future generations of Americans.  South Dakota is incredibly well-positioned to take advantage of the move towards clean energy.  I look forward to the League’s input and to working with them if I am fortunate enough to serve South Dakota in the United States Senate.” 

As a former regional FEMA director, Weiland witnessed the impacts of climate disruption in our communities, which is why he supports commonsense solutions to tackle climate change and protect our planet for generations to come. In the Senate, he will advocate for the expansion of South Dakota’s clean energy industries while opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline, standing with farmers, ranchers and tribal communities against a proposal that would harm the state’s land and economy. Weiland also served as the CEO of the International Code Council, where he worked to make our residential and commercial buildings more energy efficient, a cause he will continue to fight for in the Senate, which will save consumers money and combat climate change. 

Rick Weiland is featured on LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions and candidates. 


Rick Weiland is awfully quiet about this endorsement from an anti-Keystone group, despite being quoted in the release, noting:

“I appreciate the League’s endorsement a great deal,” said Weiland. “The League has taken on such a critical fight, one that isn’t easy at times, especially given the misinformation campaigns fueled by big money. 


I look forward to the League’s input and to working with them if I am fortunate enough to serve South Dakota in the United States Senate.” 

Basically, Rick is putting the group on notice that he’s happy to do whatever they’d like if he is elected.

Interestingly enough, it bookends another endorsement he received in the US Senate race that he doesn’t talk about – that of the Sierra Club.

sierra_club_weilandYes, that’s Slick Rick Weiland displayed as receiving the endorsement of the Sierra Club, an organization “leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.”  An organization who proudly claims they’ve retired “160 Coal fired plants.”

It sounds more and more like Rick Weiland’s liberal out-of-state supporters want him to go to Washington to shut down South Dakota energy production facilities like the Big Stone coal-fired power plant, and to kill energy jobs like the Keystone XL pipeline that Rick opposes.

Press Release: Rounds Receives NFIB Endorsement

Rounds Receives NFIB Endorsement

roundsPIERRE, SD (September 29, 2014) — Governor Mike Rounds announced today that he’s received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for his bid to become South Dakota’s next United States Senator.

“This is no time to send wild cards to the U.S. Senate,” said Lindsey Riter-Rapp, South Dakota state director for the NFIB, America’s largest and leading small-business association. “More than ever, Congress needs solid, dependable people. As governor, Mike Rounds held taxes to a minimum and strived to enact policies aimed at keeping our young from having to move out of state in order to find employment opportunities. As a former legislator, he was a winner of our Guardian of Small Business award. As a small-business owner and an NFIB member, he knows first-hand all the difficulties that go into keeping the doors of enterprise open and people employed. None of this has been lost on the people who are the engine of the South Dakota economy, which is why he received overwhelming support in a survey of our members.”

“We support the candidates who support small business,” said Lisa Goeas, NFIB’s vice president for political and grassroots. “The choice for small business could not be more resoundingly clear: Mike Rounds has his record and platform firmly planted on Main Street, South Dakota.”

As a South Dakota small business owner himself, Gov. Rounds knows first-hand how important it is for small businesses to thrive.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy across South Dakota and across the country,” said Rounds. “Their success is threatened by overregulation by the federal government and that has to stop. Repealing and replacing Obamacare and passing the REINS Act will be among my top priorities as a United States Senator.”

NFIB is America’s leading small business association, promoting & protecting the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses.

      # # #

And on a personal note….

Happy Birthday wishes to my long-suffering bride Mrs. PP, who I’m quite proud of in every way.

In addition to being a mother of 7, she finished her education specialist’s degree this summer on her way to a doctorate. And she was also recently named South Dakota’s Outstanding Special Education Director for 2013-2014.

Happy Birthday, dear!

Concerned Women for America group takes aim at State Senator Chuck Welke over abortion advocacy in Legislature

The South Dakota Chapter of the Concerned Women of American Group have apparently taken aim at State Senator Chuck Welke as a result of his abortion advocacy in the South Dakota Legislature, and have produced a piece which appears may go out as a mailer in Welke’s race against former Senator Brock Greenfield:

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