Former Republican Legislators sign postcard for Haggar opponent

Just had a reader send this to me – in a piece sent by former Republican legislators, Gene Abdallah, Dave Munson and Jan Nicolay, they endorse the opponent of Jenna Haggar for State Senate:


IMG_1171Yes, I hate seeing this kind of thing. Especially from people I’ve always liked.   And it’s not the first time they’ve done this kind of thing.

What’s your opinion of this?

And Kathy Tyler stupidly blows even more money.

Just had another example of Kathy Tyler awfulness sent to me. In another episode of “how to blow thousands of dollars for no purpose.”

This time it’s a full cardboard page of stupid where she blew tons of cash for no purpose.  (Click on the images to enlarge.)


IMG_20141030_221840_720Wait, what’s that? A rare mention of her name?   Small, and off to the corner on one side?  Ugh. This is worse than awful.

You see, this is my bread and butter. I do A LOT of postcards, and I have for many elections.  I get to the end, and in reflection, some are better than others. but there are some basic concepts you need to keep in mind.

In any and every case, the first and foremost thing is the candidate’s NAME and OFFICE be able to be read in the 30 seconds between the mail and the trash.

In this piece, someone decided to be artistic and cute, because they inexplicably think someone gives a f*rt, and will go “YAY! How clever is the person who made this up? They must be a freaking genius.”

Trust me, It doesn’t work that way. Name and Office most important. Always and forever.

Mistake #2 – They sent this out EDDM. (Every Door Direct Mail).  In other words, you’re paying for every single person to get it whether they vote or not.  It’s great if you’re mailing coupons or trying to get real estate leads.  It’s tremendously stupid if you’re a political candidate.

Politics are all about targeting. Finding your voters, repeating a message in front of them, and then getting them to vote. That’s far from 100 percent of the people who live in a neighborhood.

Yes, eddm postage is cheap. But not so cheap that it’s less than sending a targeted message. And there’s that other thing. EDDM has to be very, very jumbo sized. By the time you’re done printing the oversized piece, and mailing it, you’ve blown more than you would on an oversized targeted postcard.

Especially when you’re not focusing on name and office.

So, welcome to another waste of money from Kathy Tyler. Hopefully, she’s done enough bad advertising that she stands no chance of returning.

So, where’s the Nielsen Senate Poll?

After releasing numbers several days ago in other races, and promising Senate numbers, oddly we’re still waiting for the Senate results to be released from the recently conducted Nielsen Brothers Poll.

Holding the numbers in that particular race raises the specter of their polling in the governors race 4 years ago, which had Heidepreim neck in neck with Daugaard at this point when in reality they were several country miles apart.

Ironically, that race also featured “super tough” Steve Jarding at the helm of the Democratic candidate’s campaign in the hotly contested contest of the year. We’ll have to see if he’s going to be on the receiving end of a similar shellacking.

But I digress. And I’m still sitting here wondering why the numbers are being held for so, so long.

PAC accuses Burt Elliott of failing to tell the Truth. But, if Eliott wins anyway, House won’t seat.

A new PAC has popped up noting how Burt Elliot hasn’t exactly been accurate in how he’s portrayed his residency:

Burt Elliot Truth 2This ad noted how Elliott claims to live in town, but a speeding ticket, owner occupancy tax records, ad phone book listing all show Elliott living out of town.

I’ve heard more than one legislator/potential legislator note that if Elliott wins his race anyway, the House of Representatives won’t seat him because of the discrepancy in his residency.

So, even if voters choose to overlook the apparent discrepancies in Elliott’s residency, it’s likely that the House of Representatives will not.

(And if you recall recent stories on it, the Aberdeen American News was forced to print a retraction over how they wrote their article on the subject.)

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