PUC Claims unsolicited Pro-Bosworth Robocalls legal because they weren’t selling anything.

If you recall last week’s Robocall from that one guy asking that we all pray for Annette Bosworth, I had noted that the unsolicited call could run afoul of South Dakota’s Do Not Call List, based on the PUC’s complaint material. However, as you can see in the response I received, they’re now claiming that it isn’t so: Good Morning, Mr. Powers. Thank you for contacting our office regarding the unwanted phone call you received Continue Reading →

Willard pleads not guilty to robo-calls

From KELOland: A Sioux Falls Republican political activist has pleaded not guilty to orchestrating a robo-call campaign during election season that criticized GOP legislative leaders but lacked the necessary identifying disclaimers. State prosecutors allege that 31-year-old Daniel Willard violated four counts of a state election law governing the production of campaign ads and communications in the run-up to an election. Read it here. Or you could watch this awful Argus Video: And you can find Continue Reading →

Robocall update: Investigator- More than Daniel Willard involved in robocalls

From KELOland.com, a story on how a pre-paid tracfone was used as part of the robocalls.: According to the affidavit Bryan Gortmaker, the director of the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, subpoenaed Verizon Wireless phone records that traced the calls to a TracFone that was purchased at the Arrowhead Parkway Wal-Mart just after 10:30 p.m. on September 11, the night before the alleged illegal calls went out. Willard was tracked down after Gortmaker was Continue Reading →

Robocalls and lawsuits are top of the news on KELO and KSFY

Check this out – Both KELO and KSFY are digging hard into the robocall story, and it looks like things are proceeding ahead at full speed. On one hand, you have the AG’s investigation, and on the other, you have the Rushmore PAC lawsuit: “Best case scenario, these are people who are in over their heads, who just don’t understand campaign finance laws,” Arends said. “Worst case scenario, these are people who are purposefully trying Continue Reading →

A new round or robocalls against Lust, Gosch, and Russ Olson today. *Updated*

There’s a brand new robocall today, this time paid for an anonymous “Samantha,” going on about protection against rapists and pedophiles.  I’ve got a partial of the message here…  as soon as I have the whole enchilada, you’ll have it too: *updated – I have the complete call now.* [Audio: http://dakotawarcollege.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/RINO_Robocall.mp3] There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in these coordinated attacks against GOP Leadership. I’ve heard of cash payments for mailings (so as Continue Reading →

Rushmore PAC robocall lawsuit against Stace Nelson dismissed on technicality, Rushmore PAC may appeal.

The lawsuit filed long ago against the persons alleged to be involved in illegal robocalls was dismissed late last week on a technicality by the judge hearing the case, but the principals involved in the case indicated that they may appeal: Second Circuit Court Judge Mark Salter in his order filed Monday said he decided to dismiss the six-year-old case after the former lawmaker who filed it failed to keep the case going. “This case is Continue Reading →

US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column – Consumers to Robocallers: Enough Is Enough

Consumers to Robocallers: Enough Is Enough By Sen. John Thune I think we can all agree that there’s at least one thing more annoying than having snow on the ground in mid-April: receiving an abusive or illegal robocall. And it doesn’t matter if it’s April or September, there’s never a good time to receive one. In fact, unsolicited robocalls are among the top consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Continue Reading →

“Non-partisan” League of Women Voters robocalling on Amendment V. Anymore, it seems they’re less about voting, and more about the Democrat agenda.

The allegedly “non-partisan” League of Women Voters has been blasting out a particularly partisan message against Amendment V via robocalls across South Dakota. Take a listen: The South Dakota League of Women Voters is a branch of the national “non-partisan” group. So, in addition to hiding political affiliation, what other issues are they taking on? (all from LWV.org) I thought they hosted debates? What does so-called “climate change” have to do with voter education? Ozone Continue Reading →