A funny thing happened to CJ Abernathey on the way to the Libertarian Nomination for Governor..    

From the SD Libertarian Party:

Libertarian Party of South Dakota


Former U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Evans announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination for governor of South Dakota on May 19.

Evans, 48, of Wessington Springs, is the elder son of the late country musician Kyle Evans, who was named the official troubadour of South Dakota’s 1989 centennial celebration and inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

Kurt Evans studied mathematics and science education at South Dakota State University, graduating with academic honors in the class of 1993. He became a high school teacher and basketball coach and was eventually certified as a highly qualified teacher for more than a hundred core content assignments.

Evans ran for United States Senate in 2002 against Democrat Tim Johnson and Republican John Thune. In 2014, he received just over 48,000 votes (20.1 percent) as the Libertarian nominee for South Dakota State Auditor.

Evans says he believes he’s uniquely qualified to help his fellow South Dakotans understand and apply the principles of constitutional liberty.

The campaign may be contacted by email at Kurt.Evans@live.com.

If you recall the recent saga of Libertarian Candidate for Governor CJ Abernathey, who we were first introduced to when I pointed out he was actually not a Libertarian, after which he defeated someone who is possibly a worse human being than he is for the Libertarian nomination.. only to have his nomination de-certified because the Convention certification was not proper

Apparently party switcher Abernathey is grousing this weekend on his personal Facebook page that former Libertarian Kurt Evans is switching parties, and choosing to leave the Constitution Party to re-join the Libertarian party, and to serve as a second obstacle to Abernathey’s nomination.

Not that Libertarians are any better, but I wouldn’t want to be in the ‘robot bee’ lady’s party either.

Unlike earlier this year when Libertarians attempted a Gubernatorial nomination, Abernathey faces a far more serious challenge in Evans.   It’s not like Evans is exactly as pure as the driven snow in terms of his electability, but Evans has actually been on the ballot….  at least, when he hasn’t dropped out.

And in terms of personal presentation, Evans doesn’t present like an off-balanced Grizzly Adams with ranting 45-minute Facebook manifestos talking about such utter nuttery such as burning a flag in Marty Jackley’s parking lot, or that the constitution doesn’t exist.  Evans might stand a chance of getting invited to candidate debates in the fall, whereas if it is Abernathey, the media would start talking about thresholds of support.

Will the Libertarians vote to slide their party back to more mainstream respectability with Evans?

We’ll see when they meet at the Ft. Pierre Pizza Ranch in June.

4 Replies to “A funny thing happened to CJ Abernathey on the way to the Libertarian Nomination for Governor..    ”

  1. Anonymous

    What a mess! If CJ lAbernathy loses the nomination to Evans and then Evans drops out of the race again before the general election would their LT Governor become their nominee for Governor or would they hold another convention?

    CJ’s main number of supporters are outside the state anyways but then he could focus on his flag burning event and being CEO of Deadbeat Dads.

  2. Mark W. Mumma

    Abernathy likes to engage in defamatory libel on facebook and YouTube too. His former hero, John Anderson of STOLEN Talk Show was arrested for criminal harassment (among other things) and Abernasty is trying to pick up the baton and run with it.

    If he keeps it up, he’s getting sued or arrested. Or both.


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