20 Replies to “Don’t forget about the Alex Jensen for City Council fundraiser tonight.”

  1. Anonymous

    $250 to find out who he represents and what his positions are. I’ll save you the time and money and tell you he is just another rubber stamp for big money interests supported by the other fiscally irresponsible councilors named Greg and Christine.

      1. Anonymous

        What do you expect when people outside the district are trying to influence the election with their money just so they can get another puppet.

        1. Lincoln County Delegate

          Outside the district? What district? Alex Jensen is running for an At-Large seat which is voted on by the entirety of Sioux Falls. It’s best to know what you are talking about before try to feign outrage.

        1. Anonymous

          Get out there any try and create a job or make a difference. That ramp is still an economic opportunity to generate jobs and property taxes. What have you done to create economic opportunity?
          The parking system is an enterprise fund that is self supporting. Not every deal pans out but this still has a chance to be successful.

          1. Anonymous

            Awe yes, let’s all be conservatives until it is time to give public dollars to pad private developer’s profits. I guess being fiscally responsible is only an issue when Democrats are in charge.

  2. Steve Sibson

    With Peters, Soholt, Nickelson, and Venhuizen on the list of hosts, this fundraiser has Establishment written all over it.

    1. grudznick

      Mr. Sibby, I can’t understand why you have a grinded axe with the pretty, young Republican ladies, Ms. Peters and Ms. Soholt.

      1. tara volesky

        The Property brothers aka city council have purchased a 3 million dollar house, a quarter of farm land and some swamp land to restore the lake. With interest you are talking $6 million which as all been taken off the tax rolls. Purchasing property is not going to clean a man made lake. They will spend millions more.