Group pretending to be GOP, but not disclosing that they’re not, claiming they’re hosting candidate forum. (They must have lost my invitation in the internets. )

If you saw this in the shopper paper, you’d think there was a Republican event this weekend.

But, it isn’t. They might claim to be a “Republican Party All Candidate Forum,” but that’s pretty false advertising. Not to mention that they don’t have a disclaimer with it. This is an event sponsored by one of the fringe groups that’s popped up this year. Not that you can tell, since they won’t use their own name.

And they finally got around to noting who they actually are in an e-mail sent to candidates this morning, an e-mail where they seem to have an expectation that candidates are planning on showing up:

The event is actually sponsored by the local chapter of the “Patriot Ripple Effect.” Not they they’d put that in the paper.  They also use the snakey tactic of saying it’s an opportunity to meet primary candidates for Governor, US and State Representatives, etc.”  But they don’t really tell you who is and isn’t coming.

Somehow I doubt Kristi Noem or John Thune have confirmed they’re going to be there.  And in fact, I notice I’m on there as one of the candidates in the e-mail that went out today. But, I didn’t see where my invite to speak for 7 minutes came into my e-mail box.  (Must have gotten lost on the Internets.)

Not sure why they have to be sneaks or snakes about any of it. If they want to have their own thing, it’s a free country. But why the deception?  Why the false advertising, and hiding their identity in their advertising?  The big takeaway from this is that a group who has to pretend to be the Republican Party is trying to deceive people into thinking they are having a GOP event. When it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If they have to trick people and hide their name, I think I’d tell candidates to stay away from this mess.

I know I’ll be passing on my opportunity for 7 minutes of fame.

9 thoughts on “Group pretending to be GOP, but not disclosing that they’re not, claiming they’re hosting candidate forum. (They must have lost my invitation in the internets. )”

  1. I know it’s in Brookings, but it’s part of Roetman’s group, isn’t it?

  2. I agree they are fake Republicans but they seem to have the same issues as regular Republicans.

    1. What would make us fake Republicans?
      You are more then welcome to join one of our meetings to learn first hand what we are about and to make your own opinion of the group.

  3. When the event flyers were printed over a month ago our group had not officially adopted the Patriot Ripple Effect group name yet and were still deciding if becoming a chapter was the direction we wanted to go. The title of the event does contain the word Republican because, well it describes the event.
    Our intentions are not to be “sneaky” or “snakes” when hosting this event that is your own personal opinion on the situation that has no merit what so ever.
    Jim was made aware of this event months ago in an effort on my part to work with him throughout the planning process. I arranged the date and time to align with the County Republican meeting for candidates to be able to attend both events and to make it more convenient for those who travel from West River. I also emailed him our flyer weeks prior to printing them and he did not ask me to update anything at that time. If he would have, I would have honored his wishes.
    We have 12 confirmed candidates speaking tomorrow. Precinct candidates were not invited to speak due to the time restraint. Inviting 39 candidates to speak is not feasible.

    Once again, you are more than welcome to speak with me directly in order to know our true intentions instead of showing up to spy on our group and making your own assumptions. You are more then welcome to one of our meetings. You spew false opinions on something you know nothing about. There are no facts presented here in whatever you call this peice.

    Thank you sir for the free advertising on our event! If you do attend tomorrow, you can pick up your name tag in the Church gymnasium.

    I don’t think there is any question on who the true Republicans and conservatives are. I assure Mr. Powers, you are not the true Republican here!

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