Is Lora Hubbel accusing the Constitution Party Chair of something? Updated!

This just went up on Lora Hubbel’s Facebook page, 2 days after the Constitution party’s convention fiasco, where the convention failed to nominate a candidate because the party of the misfit toys was squabbling:

Is Hubbel intimating some impropriety when she’s throwing out statements about the chair being removed and contracts paying the chair ‘thousands’ with ‘no paperwork’ to act as chair and treasurer?

Sounds like a lot of trash talk from Lora Hubbel who has a tendency to throw a lot of poo (true or not) against the wall to see what sticks. But today she’s flavoring her typical commentary with something that sounds like an accusation.

That could come back to bite Hubbel in the tail.

UPDATE! This just keeps getting better and better!  Here’s another comment under the post:

So, Lori Stacey, the person who is allegedly chair of the Party of misfit toys isn’t a South Dakota resident? Did National Chair Frank Fluckinger sign this letter she’s quoting as well?  If so, it sounds like he isn’t just flucking around here. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

There was also this part…

So is Rick Kreibel a Constitution Party member now as well?  And a note from James Bialota (Under Terry LaFleur’s post on the topic) who also has apparently joined the party of the misfit toys…

38 thoughts on “Is Lora Hubbel accusing the Constitution Party Chair of something? Updated!”

  1. Total chaos w/ the C Party. What next? Chad Haber, Lee Stranahan come in for another party takeover for Governor? Cj Abernathy, Shaggy, Scooby and the gang ride in with the Mystery Machine?

    1. Terry LaFleur’s claim that Lora Hubbel wasn’t a member of the Constitution Party obviously isn’t true. Unfortunately Lora Hubbel’s claim that Lori Stacey didn’t file the updated statement of organization in 2017 (after Lora resigned as chair) isn’t true either. This is clearly time-stamped 3:55 p.m. on February 6, 2017, and it clearly lists Lori as the chair:

      If Lori was sent the letter above the day before convention, is it really any wonder that she didn’t attend? Lori has demonstrated extreme patience as Lora ditched the Constitution Party and then vacillated and remained noncommittal about rejoining it. The idea that Lori should have shown up and happily accepted an “award” from Lora under these circumstances is absurd.

  2. Lora is crazy and the Constitutional Party can’t organize a sh!$ sandwich. They are perfect for each other.

  3. GOP pulled off a great convention with record-setting attendance. Democrats failed miserably, and need a do over. And we’re talking about… the constitution party’s internal squabbles between LeFleur and Hubbel playing out mostly on facebook? If I were a Democrat, I’d be loving the constitution party right now!

  4. it is actually better to serve in heaven than rule in hell. i think we’ve settled that now.

  5. this letter ( on facebook) is being sent to avoid a public forum…isn’t facebook public…did laugh when I read that part myself

    Anyone joining this band of misfits has got to be crazy

  6. Does the Constitution Party have a Constitution? If so, maybe they should follow it. If not, are they really the “Aint got a Constitution” Constitution Party?

    1. now that is funny right there….

      I mean the Libertarians, Democrats and Constitution Party all could not follow the law and/or their own rules and we trust them to lead our state?

    2. A lot of your people were there Troy……but who knows maybe you are not a true conservative.

  7. So if the CP national chairman doesn’t consider dropping one’s CP registration and running for office as a Republican for most of 2017 and half of 2018 to be a a problem for the CP state party chairmanship, maybe the CP needs a Hubbel Rule of their own.
    But reading that letter from the Constitution Party National chairman, there is nothing to suggest he is aware that for most of her tenure as state party CP chair, Lora was a registered republican. I hope somebody asks him if he knows about that.

    1. Frank Fluckiger has Lori Stacey Derangement Syndrome, and he’d gladly risk blowing up the South Dakota state party the day before the convention if he thought he saw a chance to demote her. Lori isn’t perfect, but Joel Bergan is an over-the-road trucker who’s never wanted the responsibilities of the chair, and Lora Hubbel isn’t an improvement over Lori.

      A little too much top-down control-freak on Frank’s part.

  8. it wouldn’t matter if lora had a letter from justice Roberts saying she was the chair or the constitutional party, unless Lori resigned or was voted out. lora needs a letter or resignation or meeting minutes.

  9. Will the C Party spontaneously Combust and self destruct? Where will the Crazies go then?

  10. You guys are really into this….all because of Lora……I didn’t see the Libertarians or Democrats getting this much attention.

    1. You mean when the Constitutional Party is decertified as a political party because they fail to get enough candidates to run for office all because of Lora. Yeah that will be fun to watch and even funnier to add to Lora’s resume.

  11. It’s impressive to have a candidate that is a kick ass candidate. Bring it.

    1. Tara you are the Lt Gov nominee for Lora Hubbel? What party are you registered under now? Hard to keep up with either of you.

  12. Hubbel is a crazy mess Tara and you know it, I guess that makes you a crazy one as well.

  13. All this bickering and whining and mantel status dreaming reminds me of my grandsons fighting over one toy they all of a sudden each absolutely must have right now with no idea why.

    1. Fighting so hard for last place. Last place could at least insure a nice cold beer purchased by the others but with these goof balls it’s all sour grapes.

  14. What we will all have to put up with if Lora is certified as the Constitution Party candidate for governor is Lora showing up at a congressional forum demanding to speak, and claiming it is a conspiracy that she wasn’t invited to debate the candidates for Congress.

    We can only hope and pray this shitshow doesn’t meet the filing deadline.

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