Annette Bosworth thinks it’s the giving season. As in you giving her money and your credit card number.


The latest Annette Bosworth Legal fund plea hit mailboxes today, just in time for Christmas, And Chad’s trial, (whenever that is).  And as you’d expect, it’s a fundraising appeal full of enough exaggerations, fabrications, and outright falsehoods to fill every present under your tree.

But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself:

Bosworth Christmas Plea

I just received this at about ten this evening, but it had me howling in laughter enough that, pajama clad, I had to scurry down to my computer to post it. And just listen to the gems contained therein:

“I knew the choice of abortion disappointed God and Satin smiled when women fell for the trap of that quick fix.” and “When we pinched off the supply of money, Satin stirred their souls to attack whoever blocked the money.”

I’m not sure who Satin is. It does sound like a stripper name, though. She must be a bad person.

“The Attorney General tried to silence me by questioning my sanity…. “She believes in the power of prayer? Does she hear voices when she prays?” I mockingly said, “If you want to hear Jesus’ voice, open your bible and read a verse in red. That’s as close as I’ve ever been to hearing the voice of the Lord.””

When did this ever happen? I’m thinking this sounds a little made up, if not fabricated in someone’s head.

“Across the ocean, ISIS sliced the heads off of Christians and bombed teenagers at a concert. Shockingly persecution of Christians takes place right here. South Dakota’s DCI selected preachers listed on my petitions. Dark vehicles arrived at their homes where those DCI Officers asked the preachers to call their parishioners into the church. The preachers were interrogated in front of their parishioners asking questions about how they knew me and how long they have had their tax-exempt status.”

Again, when did the “interrogations in front of the parishioners actually happen? Didn’t we talk about this in the past as “never happening?”  Writing it again still doesn’t mean it’s happened.

“The intimidation and suppression of Christian voters by the Attorney General has been well documented through affidavits and testimony.”

So, what affidavits, and what testimony?

“Judge Brown said in his fmal statements that my sentence would surely send a message. He stated that my desire to run for a political office was wrong. He further drove home that statement by reprimanding me for finding such harsh criticism for the political establishment serving South Dakota.”

Did we watch the same trial as Annette did? I don’t exactly recall those statements being uttered by Judge Brown.

“My access to information while running for U.S. Senate brought me closer to the hidden truths of our America. I learned of mothers that put their kids on school busses, only to find the government took their kids while at school.”

Did someone watch invasion of the Body Snatchers before they wrote this? Again, it seems a bit far fetched.

“I learned that Attorney General Jackley’ s office gets huge federal dollars [$80,000 per year per American Indian] when American Indian kids live inside the so·called social “handout” programs.”

I think both Marty and the state budget would tend to refute this.

“Knowing that the medical board is supervised by a carefully positioned Assistant Attorney General, I wasted no time in starting my 500 hours of community service hours.”….”Do not miss the fact that the medical board is run by the Attorney General’s office!!”

Again, more than stretching the truth, it’s a another fabrication. They have an assistant AG there as their attorney, but, in no way does he supervise the board. And a brief glance at statute dispels the untruth of “the AG runs the Medical Board.”

“…my husband, my most encouraging alley had 2 felony charges too.”

I’ll be he’s her “most encouraging alley.” Seriously, the nuttiness of this letter is not dispelled by the lack of spell check.

“To appeal this case to the South Dakota Supreme Court it will take roughly $100,000. The appeal of my medical license will cost nearly $65,000. Chad’s legal costs are estimated at $50,000. All this as they have squelched my revenue stream ·as a physician. Given everything that we’re now facing, raising $220,000 is a very steep task.” “We are going to continue to fight this war against Big Govermnent corruption. But it takes money. Lot’s of it.” “To make your donation by credit card, please provide the following information:”

What do they say about a fool and their money? If anyone is dumb enough to send her a dime, I suspect that adage would tend to apply.

Latest Annette Bosworth pre-trial plea is a bit bizarre. Dear Wedding List Legislator:

Like her infamous “dirty words” press conference back during the primary, indicted US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth has a knack for coming up with publicity stunts that are bizarre, or such a horrific train wreck, you can’t look away.  And this week brought us another.

As the days count down to her upcoming February trial for attesting to petition signatures she didn’t witness, State Legislators meeting in Pierre for the 2015 legislative session received a letter this week from former Candidate Bosworth, complete with personal annotations. And this one is a doozy.

“Dear Wedding List, Legislator.

You’re Invited to the wedding. Or at least you would be invited to the wedding if Chad and I were planning our wedding today. That is why you’ re getting this letter, You are on my “wedding list” of people.

You are receiving this letter because you are a legislator and you will be in Pierre during the trial!

Not surprisingly, as you page through it, this is uncomfortable to read. Not because anyone thinks she’s being railroaded, since by her own admission, she says she wasn’t present for the signatures she attested to witnessing. It’s cringeworthy because the group of people she’s sending it to – state legislators – are among the least likely to buy a letter repeating things that, amidst all the biblical quotes, most believe are a complete load of bullsh*t.

Dear Legislator Weddinglist

I humbly ask for you to use your God-gifted-talents. I am praying that the cold courtroom in Pierre will be filled with the warmth from God’s people. I am asking for support in the form of your presence at this trial. If you have witnessed a jury trial, you understand the powerful message supporters send. The power of the presence of supporters in the courtroom strengthens the person on trial, their family, their lawyers as well as the citizens serving on the jury. If you have never witnessed a jury trial, come and gain the experience with your own eyes. Help me put purpose to this pain. We will witness to South Dakota and the country that when you trust in the Lord, His people will stand together during times of adversity.

Are we thinking this is going to cause any legislators to abandon their desk in the State Capitol, and walk the block and a half to the courthouse?

Annette Bosworth’s Latest fundraising plea. Marty Jackley runs DSS with his minions, Annette is 100% innocent, and other tall tales.

Is it February yet? I’m not sure it can’t come too soon, so the Bosworth circus can finally pack their tents up and break camp.

I was mentioning ‘Bosworthian’ fundraising pleas yesterday, when I was talking about Rick Weiland’s latest cash beg. Coincidentally, today brings us an ACTUAL new Bosworth fundraising plea.

Although it was dated for December, my correspondent received in the last few days. And as you might expect, it’s a bit much:

New Boz Letter

“That 8-page letter made it into the hands of Attorney General Marty Jackley as well as several of the other establishment politicians in South Dakota.

Well, no kidding. When you send out thousands of letters, a few are going to come back to SD for episodes of eye-rolling.   And people wondering exactly when all this alleged “preacher interrogation” took place that she keeps bringing up.  And if you thought that claim continues to be a stretch……..:

The Department of Social Services, run by AG Marty Jackley, receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money to care for them .

Did I miss it when the Governor handed over the Department of Social Services to the Attorney General?  No? Then I guess the letter would be lying here.

Which has an effect of impeaching it’s testimony in other places, such as where it claims – I AM 100 PERCENT INNOCENT.

The problem with this claim is that Bosworth has publicly admitted the conduct for which she’s been charged with. I’m not sure how that makes her 100% innocent.  Or even 75%.

Anyway, according to the letter, you can donate $500, $1000, or $2500 to Annette’s legal fund.  And even better, the donation form has a place for you to put all your credit card information on the donation form, including the CVV number for your card.

Oddly enough, much like many of the claims she makes in the letter, I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with that.

The SDWC Top 10 Political stories of 2014: #5 The Bosworth Family Circus.

The SDWC Top 10 Political stories of 2014: #5 The Bosworth Family Circus.

A candidacy for US Senate that came out of nowhere which was able to generate competitive fundraising, and national attention. An investigation and felony prosecution by the Attorney General. A candidacy for Attorney General. Mountains of stories including not paying tax bills, the Che’ shirts, past fights with the state medical board, accusations about personal bills, accusations of campaign bills, accusations about paying vendors, questions about raffles, telling employees to go on welfare while comparing it to feeding animals, a presser on people saying bad things as punctuated by destroying many of her campaign signs, using a pornographer as a personal spokesman, tearing through a string of attorneys, raising money long after the campaign has ended, and the list goes on and on and is punctuated with a personal story about living in a van down by the river.

Actually, it was living in an RV. And I don’t know that it was ever parked by the river. But the rest is an accurate description of the utter and complete lunacy Annette Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber brought to the political scene in 2014.

Only #5? Bah!

Only #5? Bah!

Taken in totality, the chaos the Bosworth family brought to politics in 2014 is almost indescribable as much as it was inescapable. A person could write an entire blog on nothing but what went on in this campaign, and be assured months’s worth of material.

Annette was a bit of a conundrum. She was bright, intelligent, attractive, engaging, and quickly got up to speed in being able to competently be the spokesperson for her campaign. Even if she hadn’t won, she had a future in South Dakota politics. But there were problems evident early on, including the lack of the kind of ground level organization you need to run a US Senate race.

The chaos quickly came, and pulled us all down the rabbit hole as we watched this runaway train.

It started early in the year with Annette’s US Senate campaign, snowballed until the June primary where she was notified of her loss on National Television, and subsequently arrested and charged for attesting to witnessing signatures she allegedly didn’t witness.

We thought it was all done until, in apparent revenge for the AG’s prosecution, Bosworth’s husband Chad Haber ran against the Attorney General.

And it’s still lingering out there, as Annette is due to appear in court on the charges against her in February. Her husband Chad Haber has yet to file any campaign finance reports for his ill-fated campaign, and there are questions whether he may face allegations similar to those his wife is currently facing over signing a petition or two he may not have witnessed.

We can only hope that the Bosworth chaos has abated enough that it won’t be one of 2015’s top political stories of the year.

I don’t know if we could take it!

New Bosworth fundraising appeal in the mail. Attacks AG Jackley, Claims needs $400k to save med license, and all donated funds to pay Boz’s personal support.

Here we go again.

Dr. Annette Bosworth is back in the spotlight today as her newest fundraising appeal hits mailboxes in South Dakota, as well as parts unknown.

Bosworth Appeal December 2014

This recycles some of the same lines we heard before about black government vans (which I don’t think the state of South Dakota owns any), and claims of Government agents being sent to the homes of preachers to interrogate them in front of their parishes.  Bosworth directs big chunks of her penned ire for the AG, including going so far as to directly calling him corrupt multiple times, and characterizing herself as “100% innocent,” and “extremely confident” she “will prevail.”

Er…. yeah. Good luck with that one Dr. Boz.  Somehow I don’t think that’s going to help your case.

Bosworth sums up her letter noting that it will take $400,000 to save her medical license, and “really hoping” that readers will contribute to “the Annette Bosworth Legal Support Fund.”

Except the last page doesn’t talk so much about the Annette Bosworth Legal Support Fund…. It seems to be more about “Annette” support than “legal” support. The return form, as the prior one, disclaims that “contributions go directly towards the personal support of Dr. Annette Bosworth.”

Reading this kind of silliness is kind of like watching the street sweeper collect those last remaining chunks of plastic and glass after a bad accident. You’re still looking, and just can’t help but feel bad for the people involved.

And when I say people involved, I’m referring to the AG and investigators.

At this point, I don’t think anyone in South Dakota has any sympathy remaining under the big top at the Bosworth circus.

Bosworth’s PR Guy’s pornogrpahy past versus his calls against child abuse. Is it time for the Boz circus to leave town?

If you haven’t caught it recently, below I’ve done a couple of posts on aspects of the Bosworth case recently that hadn’t really been brought up before; cases not previously noted where petition signatures were seemingly collected on opposite sides of the state, and a few contacts I made with people I know who signed petitions she certified as having circulated, but they indicate she was nowhere in sight when she did so.

Suffice it to say that Team Boz didn’t like them very much.  Or at least her PR guy didn’t.  And since writing them, Bosworth PR Guy Lee Stranahan has been predictably lashing out at me on twitter.

Apparently, since I didn’t write about something back in 2011 – 2012 (nevermind the fact I wasn’t writing back in 2011-2012), Stranahan is bizarrely trying to connect me with a child abuse cover-up he’s fabricating in his head, the prosecution of Brandon Taliaferro (which was rejected by the court), etcetera, and so on.

Suffice it to say, much of this had me scratching my head, and doing a nominal internet search on the person who Bosworth has hired to be her public attack dog.

Formerly working on and off with Breitbart, and that ugly parting is well documented, there has been a nickname used in the comment section here at the SDWC that has more of my attention, especially considering his connection to Bosworth who has expressed herself as being an evangelical christian. In the comment section at SDWC, someone used the term “Pornahan” to describe Lee.

So, I looked it up. And let’s just say that opened up a world of NSFW websites.

One website, Lee Stranahan Watch, details large sections of his “erotic photography” past, reposts messages from a yahoo group, including one on how he and his wife were allegedly going to start an alternative lifestyles advice column with everything from BDSM to vegan cooking to… polyamory and so on,” and more than I care to get into.

There’s more out there, but I have bigger things to do than to dig into Lee Stranahan’s dirty pictures all day.

So, Annette’s PR guy previously had a life taking dirty pictures, and was hoping to be the Dear Abby of polyamory and vegan cooking? That doesn’t necessarily seem to be an image that an Evangelical Christian Republican one-time Senate Candidate would want to project if she’s trying to be the spokeswoman for hateful things said about women candidates.

Even more bizarrely, as Stranahan tries to justify the public crusading & posturing of the new team Bosworth, with himself, Boz, and Brandon Taliaferro, Stranahan brings up the following court transcription in defense of Taliaferro’s actions:

Let me get this…   In a case of child abuse, Stranahan is talking about pornography being evidence of something inappropriate going on, but he himself previously produced pornographic images.   So, some porn is bad, but Stranahan porn will just not be considered in this context?

Not that the advice is going to fall on willing ears, much like other advice given to Annette Bosworth over the past year, but Annette really needs to get better advice than what she’s getting now.

I suspect she’d be far better served by getting an attorney well versed in criminal defense who doesn’t have an axe to grind with Jackley. I suspect she’s be far better served by NOT having a PR person.  And I suspect she’d be far better off just going back to work as a Doctor.

We’ve all seen the show, and at this point it’s just painful to watch. You can only watch a person inflict so much misery on themselves.  The media circus is about out of attendees who have an interest. So, pull down the tent and go home and try to reassemble what’s left of your life.

2018 Update:  As websites come and go, I notice that many of the links used previously are dead. This website has some of the original material cited here. However, I’d warn you that it’s NSFW.

Bosworth hires attorney prosecuted by AG’s office, who later had charges thrown out.

I just caught this tidbit this AM, which came out of left field. Annette Bosworth has hired the attorney who had witness tampering charges filed against him from Aberdeen:

Bosworth is represented by Brandon Taliaferro, a former prosecutor from Brown County who was investigated for witness tampering by Jackley’s office. A judge threw out the charges against Taliaferro midtrial.

Read it here.

Well, that one threw me for a loop.

I had long been told that she had a different attorney for her criminal case. But now, Bosworth pops up with an attorney who obviously has some disagreement with Attorney General Marty Jackley.  It leads me to question what kind of defense she’s going to mount against the criminal charges pending against her.

And that’s been a bit confusing all along.

Bosworth has been very public and vocal about the criminal charges pending against her. And she has her documentarian, Lee Stranahan out there as well, who seems to be contesting every comment out there in the blogosphere on a tit for tat basis.  And now, we have Taliaferro, who one would expect has a bit of a beef with the AG’s office.

It seems to be that Bosworth isn’t gearing up for a legal fight, as much as a PR battle. Every step she’s taken seems to be designed for a political fight, as opposed to one in court.

Maybe some of the attorneys out there who do criminal work & read SDWC (South Dakota’s #1 political website) can fill us in, but it’s been my opinion that in a criminal investigation, the logical step to preparing yourself to mount a defense would be to NOT be in the media making statements that the prosecution can impeach. And to NOT have people speaking about things on your behalf.

In other words, you circle the wagons, lock things down, and prepare your defense.

But this seems like preparing for the complete opposite.

Bosworth arraigned today. And herein starts the Summer of Boz, which could drag on for a while.

Former US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth was arraigned today, with her next court appearance taking place on July 15th.  Given at the pace things move in the legal world, herein starts the Summer of Boz, as there’s every possibility that this could drag out for months.

The South Dakota Attorney General’s Office says Bosworth signed as a circulator on some of her petitions to get on the ballot at a time when she wasn’t in the country.

Bosworth offered no comment after court Monday but said earlier this month that she didn’t ‘knowingly attempt to deceive anyone.’

Read it all here at

Attorney General Marty Jackley will lay out his case, with Bosworth being forced to respond to the inconsistencies that have been chosen. And I use the word chosen because it appears that the prosecution has picked what some consider the most egregious cases involved in the petition matter.

But, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that there are more out there.  Or the possibility more charges could be added.

Because the longer people look, and the more people dig, there’s a possibility that there are more petition inconsistencies that might be difficult to explain.

For example, of you look at what’s been numbered as petitions 157, 50, 80 and 132, they were all collected in early February, and all were attested to by Bosworth that she observed the signatures being collected.

But if you start looking at dates, 50, 80 and 132 had a significant number of signatures being collected from Meade County and Pennington County residents, likely at the stock show on February 5th and 6th.  But petition 157 had a significant number collected on February 5th and 6th from Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties. Completely across the state on the same day.  Hmm.

So, a number of signatures collected from the Rapid City area on the 5th & 6th… and also a number of signatures collected from Minnehaha & Lincoln Counties on the 5th & 6th, all signed off on by Annette as having been the person circulating them.

You know, you want to be generous, but it’s a pretty long haul from Rapid City to Sioux Falls.  Again, potentially difficult to explain.

And there’s also petition #31:

boz31Petition #31 has a preponderance of names signing from the Minnehaha County area, which were signed off as being collected on 3/20, 3/21 & 3/22.

So, it’s a safe assumption that that’s the area they were collected in.

And herein lies another instance where it’s difficult to reconcile.

Because there seems to be a bit of contradictory information regarding Annette’s whereabouts during that time period.   On March 21st, according to KOTA TV, it sounds as if she was in Rapid City:

Bosworth campaigns in Rapid City for US Senate

Posted: Mar 21, 2014 8:42 PM CST
By Robyn Estabrook

Physician Annette Bosworth made a stop at the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce, as part of her campaign for US Senate.

On Friday at a Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony, she told the group her number one priority is healthcare.

And according to her own facebook page, it seems as if she was in Sturgis on the 22nd:

So, how was it she collected a number of Minnehaha County names when it’s well documented she was out in the hills, including by her own facebook page?

There is an outside possibility that she could have driven back and forth from Pennington to Minnehaha county every night.  But, you have to admit that here’s another instance where it doesn’t look good.

With the next court appearance taking place on July 15th, the longer this drags out for Annette Bosworth, the greater that more inconsistencies and more charges could be heaped on her plate to try to reconcile.

And that could be a reconciliation that’s difficult to explain.

Bosworth claims she received bad advice on petitions. But the big question is from who?

If you recall the big emotional news story about a week ago, where Annette Bosworth claimed she received bad advice regarding her petitions:

Former U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth blamed bad legal advice from her former attorney for the 12 election law felonies she is now facing.


“Because of Joel Arends’ advice, Dr. Bosworth was indicted,” said Lee Stranahan, Bosworth’s current spokesman.

Arends did not immediately return a call seeking comment. But Patrick Davis, Bosworth’s former campaign manager, said she was wrong about Arends’ role.

Read it here.

Bosworth claims to have had advice regarding her petitions. But one thing that has yet to come to light in all of this matter, as she was grinding Arends under the wheels of the bus, is where it conclusively came from.

If we parse Pat Davis’ statement, it didn’t necessarily come from Arends, who certified (and notarized) that he witnessed her signing the petitions as circulator.

And maybe, there may have been someone else advising her.

Why do I think this?  Because tonight I’m being told that former Sioux Falls City Council Candidate Emmett Reistroffer, the principal of Jefferson Adams Consulting, a firm which specializes in petition signature collection, did what he does for a living for Annette Bosworth – and he assisted her with petition signature gathering. He also did this for Larry Pressler, and at the time, admitted that he was consulting for several other campaigns.

But supposedly, he was not just sending out people to gather names. I’m told he provided Bosworth professional advice on the signature gathering.  Which somewhat seems to conflict with any claims of innocence and ignorance over the process.

Now, before I start laying this out, understand that there’s no evidence or even a hint of wrongdoing on Reistroffer’s part. From what I emmett-and-lloydcan tell, his people who circulated petitions, including Lloyd Ringrose, who also served as Reistroffer’s treasurer for his City Commission Race, did them by the numbers and by the book.

But, then again, Resitroffer doesn’t seem so eager to claim pride of workmanship or any association with the ill-fated Bosworth campaign.  And he certainly doesn’t seem to have an interest into delving into exactly how much advice on petition circulation he gave.

I specifically asked Pat Davis, who consulted for the Bosworth Campaign “Was Emmett Reistroffer (or his firm) hired by the Bosworth campaign for his expertise in petition circulation?” To which Davis succinctly replied “yes.”   But when I approached Reistroffer about his involvement with the Bosworth campaign, I didn’t exactly get the same sort of direct confirmation.

When I asked him about his work for Bosworth, he noted” I did not work for her or Patrick but I did provide referrals to some known signature gatherers to help her, but I believe they only collected a very minimal amount.”

When I asked Patrick Davis about the contradiction, he was far more direct.

His company was under contract with my company to gather signatures for Boz.” Davis noted. “He has had several conversations with Bosworth and Chad about signature gathering in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Lloyd Ringrose works for Emmett and he collected for Boz. Chad and Annette even talked about putting Emmett in an ad.


So, Reistroffer claims to have just provided referrals, but Pat Davis noted he under contract, consulted with Boz and her husband, and was almost in a Bosworth ad? That would seems to represent a significant difference of opinion.

I went back to Emmett armed with the Davis statement, informing him that I was being told that he was hired for his expertise in petition circulation. And I noted that I was just trying to figure out the nature of his work for the Bosworth effort.  Given that he’s a petition guy, it seems that it’s a pretty important distinction.

When Emmett got back to me this evening, he doubled down on his statement, noting “I did not work for Bosworth and I did not provide any advice (unfortunately) because if I were hired in that capacity I certainly would have advised against signing any affidavits that didn’t belong to her.

He also added “Generally, candidates or groups hire me to help train gatherers stay in line with the law. It can be tedious and confusing and I believe good people make mistakes in the process.

So, Patrick Davis noted Emmett was under contract, and Emmett’s opinion was a bit divergent.  I have the feeling this isn’t the last we’re going to hear about this.

In the meantime, it brings into question exactly what advice Bosworth was forearmed with before she signed the petitions that she is accused of signing in violation of State Law.  And it also brings into question her accusations of bad petition advice by Joel Arends.

Because in this case, who knows what advice she received. And from whom?  As Davis quipped in the original article in the Argus Leader

“Anybody who knows Dr. Bosworth for even five minutes would know she takes advice from no one,” said Davis. “She did not get advice from anyone about signing those petitions.””

Which could very much be true.

Sometimes people have all the advice they’d ever want in the world. And they might choose to ignore it.

Election Postmortem: Annette Bosworth’s earned media abilities. Annette Bosworth’s baggage.

bosworthYou know, in the 26 years I’ve been doing this stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever run across anyone like Annette Bosworth.

In the beginning she was as green as green could be, but that was also part of her appeal. She was fresh, and authentic. She came across as genuine. A regular mom, who happened to be a physician, and who maybe had a run of hard luck and run-ins against the South Dakota medical establishment.

As a candidate, she was bright, attractive, and seemed to have a tremendous amount of potential. She quickly signed some good consultants, including Huron native Pat Davis, a popular and successful former South Dakota GOP Executive Director.

Who would have thought that 8-9 months later that she would have been utterly defeated, receiving notice of it on national television, and under arrest bright and early the next morning.

It was evident early on that while she had some very good political help, there was something lacking in the campaign locally.  And I think that’s something that handicapped her campaign all along. There was no one on the ground in South Dakota helping her. It’s as if her campaign had no management, just consultants.

And the cracks started showing early on. There were starting to be reports of bills to vendors going unpaid. Staff, such as Ethan Crisp, would be traveling with her one day…. and then would no longer be associated with the campaign.

Reports trickled in about staff members in her medical practice leaving, and filing suit against her, which could have logically been the result of her battles with the medical clinic.  But the campaign was resembling real life with reports of campaign vendors going unpaid. And these stories that kept appearing nationally would come at times when the campaign would report fundraising that rivaled, or were in excess of amounts raised by front runner Mike Rounds.

At times, the explanation for some of these situations portraying Bosworth negatively were borderline bizarre, such as when Bosworth was questioned about the bill to Crisp, she compared her plight to the protagonist in Atlas Shrugged:

“This is the repeating story of America. Have you ever read the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?  I feel like Dagny Taggert.”

As the negative press accelerated, so did Bosworth’s profile in the media. As opposed to hunkering down to weather the storm, she would actively seek out the press to hold up a lightning rod & to try catch the electricity, not realizing it was negatively charged.

All during this time, those cracks were widening. Questions about her nominating petitions were coming to light. Questions about payment and money continued for her personally and politically.  And then she started talking about food stamps in an uncharacteristically callous manner. As noted by MSNBC:

“The food stamp program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” text on the image reads. “They proudly report that they distribute free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people on an annual basis.”

“Meanwhile, the National Park Service, run by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us, ‘Please do not feed the animals,’” the text continues. “Their state reason for this being that… ‘The animals will grow dependent on the handouts, and then they will never learn to take care of themselves.”

The other shoe dropped when an employee spoke about how Bosworth – allegedly instead of paying her salary – helped her apply for the same food stamps she was comparing to feeding animals:

Batiz says she was shorted so much that she had to go on food stamps to feed her family, and Bosworth’s office helped her enroll. It’s the same program Bosworth has criticized.

“But instead says, ‘Hey, I want you to keep working for me. I don’t want to have to pay you. Instead we’ll help you get on welfare,’ and then to turn around and say people who are on welfare are bad people, people who are on welfare are dependent people that was just the end,” Batiz said.

Read that here.

At that point, the image of the warm, altruistic (if politically naive)  mom was shattered irretrievably and beyond repair.  The press conference in the wake of these revelations was well attended, only because many people were wondering if at this point she would resign from the race.

It didn’t happen. Instead, it started a series of press conferences to announce various websites and attacks against her opponent.

Predictably, Bosworth, who had reportedly been moving up in internal campaign polls, started her free fall. Gaining name ID was not her friend, because nearly all press garnered was the opposite of what she needed.  There was no television advertising to speak of, despite fundraising in the millions. ($1.6, I believe) And her negatives were piling up, fast.

And on election day, it was over, with Bosworth unable to move past single digits.

While many of her woes are self-inflicted, It seems as if some of the more serious ones, such as the unforced errors that ultimately resulted in criminal charges, could have been avoided with some basic campaign management.

A person on the ground would have paused, and said “you don’t want to do that. It could turn out badly.”  Or even better, they would have moved much more quickly on obtaining petition signatures in the first place. Someone with experience would have advised her not to play fast and loose with rules, and might have ensured that campaign bills were paid on time, or at least not so late they would generate headlines.

In the final days of the campaign, likely realizing that defeat was upon her, Bosworth embarked on what’s actually a noble effort to address the negative things said against conservative women, something at least one politico noted to me that he would observe in Democrat meetings from time to time.

But as evidenced by having a media person photographing the arrest & release of the candidate from the county jail, the noble effort Annette is trying to salvage from a defeated campaign seems destined to be swallowed up by the same unmanaged chaos that marked her exit from South Dakota’s political landscape.