Democrat Congressional Candidate Ellee Spawn raises $4.80 in first month of campaign against Dusty Johnson. Go Fund Me site claims dire financial straits

After announcing her candidacy against newly elected Congressman Dusty Johnson, in the first FEC Report covering the first month of candidacy, Democrat Congressional candidate Ellee Spawn is reporting that she has raised $4.80.  As in four dollars and eighty cents.

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I’m not sure how you can put a bow on a report like this, and claim the campaign isn’t a dumpster fire. Even more oddly, Spawn started this campaign to go to Washington almost simultaneously as a friend was writing publicly that she was having some financial issues.

Spawn, an early supporter of Bernie Sanders for President, started her campaign for Congress on 11/13/18 – about two weeks before a friend made a plea for cash (dated 11/29/18) on Go Fund Me, where the friend was attempting to raise $2700 to fix Spawn’s vehicle describing some fairly dire circumstances for someone who had started to run for Congress:

Picture of organizers of plea for cash.

My dear friend Elle has had a string of horrible luck this year, in her words….this last year has been a bit of a three ring circus.


She was able to borrow the money from a friend but in the meantime, without her car, was unable to get to work, lost the job, and as a result lost her apartment. Both she and her son have been couch surfing since July because it’s nearly impossible to rent another apartment once there’s an eviction judgment on your record.

She’s been offered an opportunity to relocate and start over and has a pretty good job lined up when she gets there. Getting back on her feet and getting her son back and forth to school is going to be next to impossible without her vehicle.

Read that all here.

I can certainly empathize, as we all have a run of hard luck at times. But I don’t know anyone who solved their problems by running for Federal office. Especially considering the Go Fund Me plea came AFTER her paperwork was filed to run for Congress.

Currently in the campaign, Spawn has been bolstering her Democrat campaign for Congress by working with Republican State Senator Stace Nelson on legislation, and from her facebook page, which she’s using as a campaign website, it appears that she’s holding her first fundraiser in Pierre, a week from Thursday:

Given the information reported on her FEC report and elsewhere, that might not be a bad idea.

We’ll see how she spends it in the next report.

16 Replies to “Democrat Congressional Candidate Ellee Spawn raises $4.80 in first month of campaign against Dusty Johnson. Go Fund Me site claims dire financial straits”

      1. Noem Voter

        The SDDP has pledged to match the 4.80. Therefore, she can afford Starbucks. But it’s very un-woke to support Howard Schultz.

      2. Anonymous

        I was thinking “Great Value” brand brewed at home; she can’t afford even McDonald’s coffee if it’s going to be more than herself and her “campaign” manager.

  1. Anonymous

    Living Blue in South Dakota = Dakota Free Press could do a joint fundraiser/name caller campaign. Combined both have been very effective in registering more Democrats and electoral success.

  2. El Rayo X

    With a budget of $4.80, was overnight UPS a good choice to send this report to the FEC? Regardless of party, she knows how government spending works.

  3. Anonymous

    If she supports Bernie we don’t need her. Let her move to California or Minnesota where they offer generous public handouts.

    Is she going to make as part of her platform support for the AOC monstrosity, the Green New (raw) Deal?

    I hope you can get a job so you can take care of your child, but I don’t wish you any luck in your campaign.

  4. Anonymous

    If I claim to be running for office, can I use the money I raise to buy a new car? I could say that I have to have it to get to my campaign events.

  5. Anonymous

    If your personal life is in such disarray maybe think about getting your own house in order before you think you can pass laws as to how others run their lives.

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