May 18-22 is Boz week! Just like Shark Week, but much less coherent!

The stage is set, and Jury selection begins today!  May 18-22 is Boz Week. Just like Shark week, except much less coherent, and you want this to be over!

We have 2 failed US Senate Candidates, one of which claimed she had to live in an RV with her family. We have a former Sado/Masochism photographer. We have an evangelical political organizer who spent time in a Ugandan Jail Cell for terrorism.  We have the husband of the accused who ran against her prosecutor as a third party candidate for Attorney General, despite lacking a college degree or Law School education.

And those are just the major players – I’m not even hitting the secondary supporters who think drivers license cameras scan our irises, or that there’s a plot afoot that robot bees are going to replace real ones.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist.  This week will likely mark a new low in politics in what is surely the most head scratching episode in South Dakota political history.

The trial didn’t have to happen. But not because of any prosecutorial zeal is involved. The charges were appropriate, especially in light of the fact that the accused admitted the behavior. It’s because the accused doesn’t want to take responsibility for it.

And over the course of nearly a year, we’ve been treated to attack after attack, and a campaign against prosecution that resembles any political one, complete with fundraising letters, press releases, press conferences, web sites devoted to it, robocalls, and busing volunteers & well wishers to the trial.

Or at least, they’re claiming they’re busing volunteers & well wishers.

All we can hope is that this week marks the peak of the frenzy, and that after her anticipated conviction, the whole thing will start to all die down.

It would be great if it just disappeared off the political map, but I’ve been around the block enough that it’s probably going to pop up here and there like a brush fire that’s dying off. And eventually, we might be able to say the Bosworth circus has finally left town.

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