Lora Hubbel quote of the day.

“I think every kid who won’t listen to his parents should stick a knife in an outlet once in their life…we all did! Its part of growing up!”  – Lora Hubbel, Republican candidate for Governor. 

every kid who won’t listen to his parents should stick a knife in an outlet once in their life…we all did?” That actually might explain a lot.

No word on whether she was finally able to find a sober notary.

Hubbel makes it worse. And the Editor of Lakota Country Times responds to offensive Hubbel comments on Sen. Heinert and race.

On her Facebook page, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel illustrated that she does not know that throwing gasoline on a fire makes it worse.. as she did in the case of her offensive racial comments towards Senator Troy Heinert and Native Americans in general:

And it goes on, including from those who have supported her in the past. But the most pointed response comes from Brandon Ecoffey, Editor of the Lakota Country Times:

“Tribal citizenship is not based off of race. We are not dogs bred for purity.” Ouch. And he continues…

“Her post is absolutely newsworthy and I am sure every Indian paper in the Region will cover it. We will for sure.” Looks like Lora earned some publicity this week. Too bad it’s for “Nazi-era blood quantum politics,” as Ecoffey noted.

And what I noted earlier continues to remain my opinion. She needs to resign from the race.

Heinert responds to Gubernatorial candidate Hubbel calling him “Pocahontas,” and “a Dutchman pretending to be an Indian.”

State Senator Troy Heinert had some choice words for Lora Hubbel under the comment section of the original post where her fairly racist comment against him was noted:

My name is Troy Heinert and I am a proud member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, my enrollment number is 345U37928. My parents are Margo Heinert and the late Harold Heinert.

My mother is Dutch and my father was Lakota and German who lived his entire life on the Rosebud Reservation on the same land that has been passed down through our family since the original allotment act that established Reservations for Lakota’s.

My 87 year old Lakota grandmother still lives on this place and would be ashamed that there are still people in our State that show that kind of ignorance and racism towards her own blood.

Read it all here.


Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel calls Dem. State Senator Troy Heinert “Pocahontas,” claims he’s “a Dutchman pretending to be an Indian.”

It seems we have a morning every once in a while where we find ourselves going “Oh God. Lora Hubbel really did that,” and we’re recoiling in horror over her saying something horribly insane or horribly offensive. Or as we’re finding this morning, both.

This morning, courtesy of GOP Candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel, some racism to kick off the Christmas Holiday:

SD’s Pocahontas – the man is a Dutchman pretending to be an Indian”  Jesus wept. She’s trying to insinuate he isn’t Native American?

He is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, lives on the Rosebud Indian reservation, and represents them in the legislature. I’m a Republican, and anyone besides Lora can easily say that there’s nothing false about his heritage.

South Dakota Republicans should not have to apologize for the horrible things Lora Hubbel has a tendency to say.  Especially in cases such as this. It’s indefensible.

Hubbel needs to abandon running for Governor on the Republican ticket now.  Not tomorrow, not after petitions are gathered.  She needs to leave the race now.

GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Lora Hubbel has called no Republicans gay…. except when she did.

In case you were wondering, GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Lora Hubbel announced today (just for the record) that she has called no Republicans gay….

So, despite CNN being on the TV and an emphasis on a BIG TENT Republican Party, Lora officially announced today that she has “called NO ONE gay.”

That is, she has “called NO ONE gay”…except for the time that she did (from June 20, 2016):

Read that here.

I swear, you can’t make this kind of stuff up. Yes, that was Lora claiming the “SD Republican State Party” is “led by gay men” after the 2016 primary. Despite today’s pronouncement.

Here’s a thought for Lora: If in trying to explain away old Facebook crazy, you end up making new Facebook crazy, next time you might want to quit while you’re ahead.

SDSU Prof: Hubbel, LaFleur don’t stand a chance, Sutton as well

From the SDSU Collegian:

Compared to the other two GOP candidates in the race, Wiltse said former state legislator Lora Hubbel and attorney Terry LaFleur “don’t really stand a chance.” This is because of the lack experience in government and funding for their campaigns compared to Jackley’s and Noem’s, according to Wiltse.


Wiltse said Sutton running as a Democratic candidate alone is enough of a determining factor that he has no shot at winning the election.

“There’s no Democrats here. We haven’t had a Democrat in the governor’s mansion in about 35 years or so,” Wiltse said. “It’s just so overwhelmingly Republican here.”

Read it here.


Lora Hubbel just has to keep digging that hole deeper…

Lora Hubbel’s latest spin on her attack on the GOP Chair is because he ran for office 6 years after switching parties.

2 months after losing the race for the Republican nomination for Governor in the 2014 Republican primary, Lora Hubbel joined the Independent ticket to run against Republicans.

And less than 6 months after resigning as chairman of the Constitution party, Hubbel announced she was running for Governor as a Republican.

If we’re comparing it to Lora’s track record, 6 years is a pretty darned long time.

(She just has to keep digging that hole deeper, doesn’t she?)

Update – Lora’s still digging away…

I never realized she held such a dim view of Ronald Reagan.  Do you think she also applies that to Constitution Party members…. and former chairwomen?

Hubbel decries political opportunists.. after changing parties.

Dana Ferguson of the Argus has posted her story regarding Lora Hubbel’s attacks. And it just keeps getting funnier:

Lederman, who was elected state chair in February, registered to vote as a Democrat in Iowa 1998, and records show he last voted there in 2000. He is still registered to vote in the state as a Democrat, a Jasper County official said Wednesday.

Hubbel, who rejoined the GOP last year after a two-month stint in the state’s Constitution Party, said the record demonstrates the state’s Republican Party has been “highjacked by political opportunists.”


“As your next governor, I will take away the liberal top cover for these fake Republicans…”

Read it all here.

Darned political opportunists…

UPDATE: Here’s a visual representation of a Lora Hubbel campaign presser:

Lora Hubbel’s backfiring press conference….

As we go further and further down the rabbit hole… From KELO Radio:

Party changing Hubbel accuses SDGOP chair of party changing

Republican candidate for South Dakota governor Lora Hubbel has accused state GOP chair Dan Lederman of being a Democrat.

In a series of emails, she provided a document that showed Lederman was a registered Democrat when he lived in Iowa–in 2000.


Earlier this year, Hubbel resigned as chair of the South Dakota Constitutional Party. In 2014, she ran as the lieutenant governor candidate as an independent, with the late Mike Myers.

They ran as Independents, while Dennis Daugaard and Matt Michels ran as Republicans and Susan Wismer and Susie Blake ran as Democrats.

Currently, Hubbel claims to be a member of the Republican Party.

Read it all here.