Gubernatorial Candidate claims Attorney General Marty Jackley is a “crook who belongs in prison,” and Gov. Daugaard forced “horrible sexual abberance” coming to SD

In the last 24 hours, a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate has accused her opponent, Attorney General Marty Jackley of being a “crook who belongs in prison,” as well as claiming that sitting Governor Dennis Daugaard introduced “forced horrible sexual abberance (sic) in Common Core coming to SD.”

I’d give you a couple of guesses who said it, but I don’t think you’d need them.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate and former State Legislator Lora Hubbel is in the hunt for the2018 GOP Nomination for Governor in a field of candidates including herself, Terry Lee La Fleur, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and Attorney General Marty Jackley.  And while she’s not likely to win the nomination, she might win an honorable mention for “the candidate most likely to be medicated,” as she makes bizarre allegations against her opponent, as well as the man she would like to follow in the Governor’s chair, Governor Dennis Daugaard.

In a direct statement and an exchange with one of her commenters on Facebook last night, she has attacked her opponent Jackley as well as one of his campaign staff, Dale Bartscher, and claimed that the Governor’s allowance of Common core in the State f South Dakota’s educational curriculum has allowed “horrible sexual abberance” into the state.

But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself:

I will point out that Lora has been quite critical of my work on this website for following her statements and pronunciations. However, when a declared gubernatorial candidate makes bizarre statements, and claims her opponent belongs in prison, when the declarations as made publicly in social media, it’s news, whether she wants to back her statements with facts and figures.

Whether a candidate is claiming that one of her opponents should be in jail, or that “Brain eating nanobots are being put in vaccines,” it rises to the level of news.

Whether Lora likes it or not.

And a Lora Hubbel blast from the past

I don’t know if I ever featured this Facebook post from current Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel back in 2015 when she promoted it to her friends and followers, but I was looking for a photo, and stumbled across it.

I’m sure it was one of those that was too good to pass up at the time.

Brain Eating Nanobots Being Put in Vaccines Says Whistleblower.”

Doesn’t that single post do a great job in encapsulating everything that’s wrong with a Hubbel candidacy for Governor?

Mercer takes a ride on the Hubbel-craft, and we hear what she would do to us if elected.

Bob Mercer. Lora Hubbel. Interview.

What else can you say about those words? It’s in the Capitol Journal today, and comes across as a disjointed stream of consciousness. Which might be a good description of the Hubbel Campaign:

Hubbel told a story about a weak apple tree in her yard. She tried to get better apples. Finally she cut it down and planted a new tree. Now she has good apples.

She thinks that should happen in South Dakota’s Republican Party. Cut down the corrupt tree, with its bad fruit of EB-5 and GEAR UP, and plant new, she said.


One of her ideas is to pay legislators in proportion to how much they work. She wants federal money removed from state government’s budget.

“I have to knock a few walls down,” she said. She added, “If I could just control my mouth.”


How she’s raising money: “I haven’t even started yet,” Hubbel said. She planned to “flip” three re-possessed houses she bought and use the proceeds as seed money. But that hasn’t worked out.

She showed photos on her phone of one place, its rooms crammed with empty plastic bottles, including the spot where the former resident slept atop them. She’s been busy cleaning the mess.

Read it here.

When the going gets tough, Lora Hubbel brings on the conspiracy theories

After receiving a whopping 20 votes out of 1761 ballots cast at the South Dakota’s GOP Straw poll, what’s a candidate to do to work their way up from her ranking near the bottom?

For GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel, it’s to warn her followers about how Hurricanes are being weaponized, pointing out that it’s what they did in the Rapid City Flood of 1972:

And a word from Lora Hubbel….. Beware the coming eclipse!

Over on facebook, GOP Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel wants us to watch the skies for what might be an ominous sign from God of impending doom.

Or maybe, it’s just a natural astronomical phenomena where the moon passes between the earth and sun. You pick.
(I linked the image in case you wanted to read the same article this gubernatorial hopeful shares with her followers.)

No wonder Lora Hubbel Blocked me. She’s turning the nutty up to 11.

Because I’m like Curious George, minus the man in the yellow hat, I had to see what Lora Hubbel was espousing on Facebook that was so secret that she felt she had to block my ability so see.

Apparently, as she discloses, she’s no longer holding back, and has launched her first attack, this one on Dusty Johnson for talking about an electoral path forward in 2008 after “after Romney lost to Obama.”   (Never mind that Romney didn’t run that year.)

And that the GOP brought in “single, metrosexual men to blend in and turn our party from conservative to RINO,” with Lora claiming “our party,” while conveniently ignoring her own recent Independent candidacy for Lt. Gov, as well as her recent stint as chair for the Constitution Party:

Good grief.   This is a bit like two years ago when she accused the State GOP of being run by homosexuals..

..Two years ago, it was gay men, now it’s “single, metrosexual men” infiltrating the GOP. It’s another instance of crazy accusations with no basis in reality.  None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

And Dusty’s point in 2008 is just as valid now as it was then:  “Conservatism is most effective when it is thoughtful, not toxic.

A lesson Lora has failed to learn. Over, and over, and over.

On the failed Sioux Falls School Opt Out Petition: Lora Hubbel there for the glory, but not for the work?

After passage of an opt-out On June 19th, former (and once again) Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel made a point to be all over the media talking about her efforts to “Stop the Opt Out:”

Armed with petitions, clip boards and a vehement distaste for taxes, Lora Hubbel is carving a path to 6,000 signatures.

Hubbel, a Republican candidate for governor and former state legislator, believes the Sioux Falls school board should have done more to inform taxpayers about a move to bring more money into schools through increasing local property taxes.

That’s why she’s leading “Stop the Opt Out,” a group working to refer the board’s decision to a public vote.


If the opt out were to make it to a public vote, and taxpayers voted it down, the Sioux Falls School District could face decisions about program cuts as reserve funds dwindle, Business Manager Todd Vik said.

“If they do get too low, the things that will suffer are special programs … and salaries,” Vik said, adding that special programs include reading programs and those for English language learners.

But Hubbel isn’t buying it.

“I feel no pity for them,” she said.

Read it all here.

Fast forward to this past week, and Hubbel’s group “Stop the Opt Out” fell far short of the 6000 signatures she planned to deliver:

SD Learn and Stop the Opt Out, two groups with the same mission of letting taxpayers weigh in on the school tax levy, both fell short of the 5,374 signatures, which needed to be turned in by 5 p.m. Friday.

Mary Buysse, who led SD Learn, said Friday that the Fourth of July holiday impeded the group’s ability to collect signatures on their petitions.

They were a “few hundred” short, Buysse said, declining to disclose how many signatures the group received.

“We really believed we were going to make this today,” Buysse said after the 5 p.m. deadline passed.

The group did not bother to turn in the petitions to the Instructional Planning Center, though a few dozen signatures were turned in by Lora Hubbel, leader of Stop the Opt Out, who believed they were “stragglers” added late to the game.

Read it here.

Shortly on the heels of the announcement of the failure of the measure to be referred to an opt-out, in typical Lora form after directly turning in a few dozen signatures, Lora Hubbel took to social media to blast the other group collecting signatures with a flame thrower:

So what’s the truth in this matter? It’s not the fantasy that Lora Hubbel is trying to sell. Not in the least. Why? Because what I’m hearing is the actual story is one of Lora glory-hounding for the Media, and little more.

Here’s what I’m hearing. A source is telling me that as the SD Learn group was preparing to turn in petitions, Lora dropped off with the group the signatures that her people had collected. Approximately 314 signatures.  That’s in comparison to over 3500 signatures that the SD Learn group had collected.

So, despite mugging for the cameras constantly on this issue over the past few weeks, I’m told Lora had collected fewer than 10% of the signatures of the other group. As it was offhandedly described to me, her efforts consisted of handing out petitions to a few friends, and then spent the rest of the time scraping up her flooring.  That might be an exaggeration, but as I’m told, providing fewer than 10% of the collected signatures to the effort is not.

Unfortunately, with the Hubbel end of the effort not coming close to the efforts of the other group, it was quickly evident that the petition drive was not going to succeed, despite strong efforts in the final days. I’m told the group collected 500 signatures on Friday, alone.  Unfortunately, with a short 20-day window of referral, the 4th of July holiday greatly hampered efforts.

Falling short of the needed 5374 valid signatures for referral, I’m told the group that held the bulk of the signatures declined to turn the documents in as those would become public documents, and there were teachers who signed who may have feared retaliation should their named be made public in connection with the effort.

So, despite the tale that Lora is trying to spin, if her efforts had been able to produce an equal number of signatures to the SD Learn group the referral would be well on it’s way to the ballot box.

Maybe she should have put her efforts into producing, instead of rolling like-minded allies under the bus.

(Postscript: I’m hearing the SD Learn group is going to be filing as a Statewide PAC group to formalize their efforts and continue what they’re trying to do to empower parents and taxpayers in School Districts across the state. They already have plans for efforts in other communities.)