Patriot Ripple Effect group supposedly starting to ex-communicate members

Here’s a funny tale I caught this weekend.

I’m catching stories that the Patriot Ripple Effect group out of Sioux Falls has started kicking people out of their anti-establishment club for various offenses against.. well, I guess we’d say for offenses against the establishment.

Word is they’ve booted at least two local elected officials out, at least one for offenses against the organization such as critical words about the group.

I didn’t realize that the group had grown so large they could afford to start booting out elected officials willing to claim association with them.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Patriot Ripple Effect group supposedly starting to ex-communicate members”

  1. Jim ” I love the establishment, but try to pretend I’m a conservative while I bad mouth conservatives all over the state” Stalzer I am td was one of them.

    I say good job!!

    1. If you’re questioning Senator Stalzer’s conservative credentials, you either don’t know what a conservative is – or you’re smoking some really strong stuff that’s not currently legal in South Dakota

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