Can Rep. Mulally pick up KSFY with that?

From Twitter…

Now, look more closely…

We’ve pointed out Representative Mulally’s .. choice in head gear in the past, and this might be the first time I’ve seen one of these on the House floor outside of a pageant contestant.

Is that how State Rep. Tina Mulally (one of the leaders of the SD Freedom Caucus) picks up her marching orders from the other freedom caucusers? Because if it is, I want to know if she pick up KSFY with that. Terrible trouble with that here at the home office since I cut the cable cord.

Jamie Smith prefers the results from the SDSU poll. What does his running mate think?

Oh No!  In light of the Emerson college poll that shows Jamie Smith’s popularity among the electorate underwater, and shows him getting stomped by nearly 20 points, the Democrat candidate for Governor says he likes the results from the SDSU e-mail poll better:

I wonder what Smith’s running mate has to say about South Dakota Universities versus some East Coast elite institution?

I will strongly suggest elite institutions. Despite my own positive experience and my desire for it to not matter, it absolutely does.”

Jennifer Keintz, to the NY Times on which institutions matter more.

Are South Dakota Democrats actually trolling over someone winning an election? Any election?

Are SD Dems actually trolling on Twitter over the presidential election?

Someone should remind them they lost South Dakota 62-36% in that race.

Not to mention that as of Saturday, there are now 50% more Republicans in House Leadership alone (9), than Dems have in the entire House of Representatives (6).

I hear a rumor that Democrats numbers are so sparse that county extension & GFP agents are going to stop paying the per-tail bounty on them, and they’re going to be declared a threatened species. But that’s just a rumor.

One possible difference between Congressman Dusty Johnson & challenger Liz May

Just a passing thought I had when seeing things run past me on the computer.

While Congressman Dusty Johnson is attending briefings with the Vice President on preventing an epidemic from the spread of Coronavirus…

Liz May is encouraging groups of people to gather together in confined spaces. Which have probably not been disinfected between movies.. if ever.

(Just sayin.. 😛  )

Is the mysterious list of 18 Liz May for Congress supporters a secret?

So I had this newspaper article pop up his morning, with a blaring headline..

..followed by the article that appeared in the Black Hills Pioneer:

Just days ahead of Liz Marty May’s formal announcement, 18 former/current South Dakota State Legislators formally endorsed her candidacy for US Congress against Dusty Johnson.

“Republican leaders across South Dakota are ready for strong conservative leadership in Washington! We are ready for a representative who has a proven track record on our cherished conservative issues, is trustworthy, reliable, and understands the way of South Dakota life,” said Sen. Phil Jenson of Rapid City.

Read it all here.

In looking, I realize it’s the same article that came out a week ago, it’s just taking a bit to hit the papers. But as I read it, I get the same thought every single time.   If May is going to claim that “18 former/current South Dakota State Legislators formally endorsed” May’s candidacy..  why aren’t they saying who those “key endorsements” are?

Silly question, I know. But there’s no list on her facebook page. There’s no list on her website. If they are claiming 18 current/former legislators who are endorsing her, don’t you think that a person could actually read who in the article making the claim?

A person can’t help but ask if they even know who these 18 are since they don’t seem to be providing information to back up the claim. That, and they don’t seem to be able to spell Phil Jensen’s name correctly.

Is the Liz May campaign frightened support will dry up if these names are disclosed?  Or is the support from the mysterious 18 contingent upon her actually being able to run. These current/former legislators could be saying just keep my name out of it if you can’t get on the ballot…

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see..

(48 days until petitions are due!)

I think I just found the ultimate piece of South Dakota campaign technology…

Now that I’ve hit middle age, I see this and think “I just found the ultimate piece of South Dakota campaign technology…”

Where was this when I was out pounding those darn campaign fenceposts?  Now I need to find 4×8’s that don’t take off like a sail in the wind when you pull them off the back of a pickup!

(They start about $268 on Walmart for all you candidates with statewide races.)