Toby “Dumpster Fire” Doeden attacks GOP, calls them corrupt.. and then tries to endorse his own candidates.

It looks like Toby “Dumpster Fire” Doeden and associates are back at it, despite Doeden quickly backing away from running for office himself. Instead of taking some time off to attack Taylor Swift he has now decided he is going to bless us with his pronouncements on which Republicans are good and which are bad.

First this morning, Doeden started out by declaring all republican elected officials bad, calling legislators and our federal delegation weak and compromised, claiming his new “conservative coalition” will change this.

How? He doesn’t really go into it because it would require supporting candidates or maybe even actually voting in the Republican Primary, something that has escaped Doeden to date, since previously he has been more content to spend his time applying for assistance from the federal government.

After throwing out his bomb, a short time later, Doeden went further and posted his first endorsement, supporting State Rep. Fred Deutsch in the D4 Senate primary:

Somehow, I see Fred looking at that going something along the lines Gee, thanks, but I’m good. Real good. I’m just going to keep doing my thing over here...

I’m not sure I know of a lot of candidates who are actually looking for an endorsement of a clown who has never voted in a Republican primary, and whose own electoral ambitions collapsed after a few stones were thrown at his “Dumpster Fire” of a campaign effort.

But, who knows. It’s one of those years where nobody can guess what will be on the bingo card.

14 thoughts on “Toby “Dumpster Fire” Doeden attacks GOP, calls them corrupt.. and then tries to endorse his own candidates.”

  1. I have a tough time accepting people as “free thinkers” or leaders when they just recite the crap their media tells them. Steve Bannon resurrected this “uniparty” term last October, and you’ve seen most of the right wing outlets embrace it, along with the freedom caucus members on the house floor. “Uniparty” is how we legislate, we don’t shutdown government until one side gets their way.

    1. “uniparty” is a disparaging term, meant to imply that a good dc republican is the same as a bad dc democrat, they are all ONE PARTY inside the beltway (read ‘swamp’). the way the term is used, it is intended to erode public trust, and even simple understanding of a healthy two party system. they need people to just hate the whole thing and want to destroy it, basically for their own nefarious ends.

      1. Preservation of the Republic and our basic liberties is hardly a nefarious end. And Uniparty is a perfectly apt term for these people.

        1. as jamie heinemann used to say on “mythbusters” – well THERE’s your problem RIGHT THERE – a notion that destruction of civic processes which have served for many decades to provide government of, by, and for the people – are the REAL evil and the void created by ending these processes will result in some kind of patriots revival.

          i’m sure the ideological among the bolsheviks felt the installation of lenin in place of the czars was an advancement of freedom too. that’s the problem with a revolution undergirded by ignorance and greed – the patriots just swap one evil overlord for the next.

  2. Those Dumpsterfire Doeden campaign buttons may end up being very popular up in the Hub City and elsewhere if this keeps up.

    Why is he posting from a Toby Doeden For Congress facebook page when all he did was have a exploratory committee? It seems rather deceptive to me.

  3. Toby vs. Lee

    I’m not sure you could sell that as an undercard in any Watertown bar event.
    Unless grudznick bought unlimited beers for all comers.

    1. Toby did hold his congressional explorer event at his small downtown “event” center and provided a free meal to entice people to come and listen to how great he is. No free beers or hard alcohol. There was a cash bar,

      It would not be a surprising if he had coupons at all the tables for a smoking starter kit for Tobacco. CBD Delta 8 & 9, synthetic intoxicants, bongs, vapes, tokens for the new 50 video lottery machines the most in Aberdeen and alcohol products. With each purchase would they throw in a case of candy cigarettes for kids? Those coupons promote his new Legends business where he often states he is looking for what is best for Aberdeen and himself.

      Could Lee top Toby in H20 town but unlike Toby not have a large number of family members and employees (Were they paid to be there?) attend a self promotion event?

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